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The Burr/Hamilton Duel

The Burr/Hamilton Duel

When you have a solid understanding of the material, write your 300�400-word response in the form of a

newspaper editorial article within the time frame.

Use the materials you read to write assuming you are living in the time in which the event occurred and are writing to a contemporary audience who want the news and your point of view on it.*
Your work must be clearly supported by your readings and by biblical principles. You must take a definite

position on the question posed.

� Appropriate citations must be made using parenthetical references in proper and current Turabian
format (these must be complete citations including page numbers when applicable).

The Burr/Hamilton Duel

The Burr/Hamilton duel had some gruesome events. The two colluding parties namely
Burr and Hamilton had some issues between them that they needed to resolve. Burr is the vice
president while Hamilton is a leader in power. Initially, what caused the conflict was the fact
that Hamilton had allegedly abused the reputation and honor of the vice president. According to

custom, they had to battle it out in a duel for the vice president to defend his honor. However,
the duel did not end well for both parties. Hamilton got injured and died the following day
while the vice president was facing charges of two accounts of murder.
The accounts of the duel were well explained. The cause of the duel was as well
explained in detail. As such, the paper did a good job in one part. However, it failed terribly to
show us how Hamilton passed on information that he was going to let his first shot to the side.
Also, it could be possible that there was a plot to make Vice President Burr look bad or so it
seemed. None-the-less the accounts leading to the duel should be explained in detail to ensure
that we, the readers then get a vivid description of the events that led to the duel.
The accounts that led to the duel needed to be very well explained and in detail more so.
There is a specific part of the duel that is not well explained. The accounts told seem only to
refer to one party and not both parties. They seem to be biased and show that exactly one
party, Burr was the villain in the story. Instead, they should have provided us, the readers with
the absolute account of events, and not let the emotions of one writer be echoes in a newspaper
article that is read all over the world by people who hold different points of view on such a
However, contrary to the news that is spreading about the duel. Essentially each party
had a part to play to the way the events of the duel turned out. Therefore, to flush out all blame
to only one party would be an unfair exercise.
In conclusion, the events of the duel and in a broader scope the duel itself was not worth
it. However, it went on as planned and what happened was quite remorseful. Nonetheless,
people ought to learn from search events and avoid entering into such complications that would

eventually cause one party his or her life just for the mere glory in winning back one’s honor
which was actually lost before the realization time came.


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