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Comments and Constructive Criticism

Comments and Constructive Criticism

The writer will have to read each of this post and react to them by commenting, analyzing and supporting his reactions with relevant articles. The writer will have to read carefully before giving constructive comments on the article. The writer should write a one paragraph of at least 150 words. APA and in text citation must be use as each respond to the two post must have in text citations. The writer will have to use an article to supports his comments in each of the article. Address the content of each post below in a one paragraph each, analysis and evaluation of the topic, as well as the integration of relevant resources.
It is important that the writer use in text citations of not more than 5 years old to support the facts.

Article 1

Managers play an important role in ensuring smooth business operations to improve profitability of the organization (Cummings & Worley, 2014). It is imperative to note that the goal of the research is to determine the relationship between airport managers and increase in non-aeronautical revenue. This topic is qualitative in nature and involves evaluating different character traits, level of knowledge and the strategies that managers develop with the goal of increasing revenue. Therefore, qualitative approach is the best for finding the relationship between the variables in the research. Considering that qualitative research is inclined to explore, explain and understand the research topic (Creswell, 2014). However, it is not sufficient and part of the research should involve use of qualitative data. I would say that the research design adopted by the researcher will be effective in finding out the relationship between variables. But, he/she should consider using quantitative research as part of the research design. Therefore, it can help the researcher to prove its hypothesis and come up with an effective conclusion.

Article 2

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is one of the imperative components that help organizations to attain business sustainability (Juščius & Snieška, 2015). The variables in this research are multivariate and encompasses finding out the relationship between accounting practices, implementation of CSR reporting and financial performance. The article clearly states the research questions and the hypothesis. From the article, leader’s knowledge of environmental accounting practices will influence the implementation of CSR reporting. This notion is true because corporate social responsibility is primarily concerned with organization sustainability and the environmental aspect (Orlitzky et al.,2011).


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Juščius, V., & Snieška, V. (2015). Influence of corporate social responsibility on competitive abilities of corporations. Engineering Economics58(3).

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