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Lucretius’ Philosophy

Lucretius’ Philosophy Complete in depth research on philosopher Lucretius. it’s important to remember your purposesin this project. Your primary goal is to focus on the philosopher’s theoretical contributions to “theproblems of philosophy.” DO NOT rehearse biographical or other factual matters unless theydirectly relate to your story about issues of explicitly philosophical/theoretical enterprise. Centralto the purposes […]

Culture’s Impact on Communication

Culture’s Impact on Communication IntroductionUnderstanding the challenges as well as opportunities of intercultural communication isof major importance. A person will be able to develop effective intercultural communicationwhich will allow him/her to foster more respect and acceptance, dismiss myths, develop morecooperative relationships with other people, and break down stereotypes (LeBaron, 2013).Communicating with persons from dissimilar cultures […]

Imaginary Plato-Style Dialogue between Socrates and Descartes

Imaginary Plato-Style Dialogue between Socrates and Descartes Write an imaginary Plato-style dialogue between Socrates and Descartes. The subject should be the roleof God in human knowledge. Assume that Socrates speaks for Plato. Hint: Plato does not give a big roleto God (or the gods) while Descartes does. This piece should be about 1000 words. Socrates: […]

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