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December 18, 2019

Number of sources: 5 Writing Style: APA Type of document: Essay Academic Level: Undergraduate Number of Pages: 2 (Double Spaced) Category:   Nursing Language Style: English (U.S.) Order Instructions Facilitating Equity Details: Through reflection on  your personal experiences with equity and equality, consider how you might best impact change in your professional world. While you […]

Data Communication

Writing Style: Harvard Type of document: Research Paper Academic Level:Undergraduate Number of Pages: 5 (Double Spaced) Category:   Computer Science Language Style: English (U.K) Order Instructions: Write a report that evaluate different network technologies. Brief Introduction: The internet of things( IOT) is a term that encompasses many techniques between devices using methods such as NFC, Bluetooth, […]

Reverse logistics

Number of sources: 2  Writing Style: APA Type of document: Essay Academic Level:Master Number of Pages: 2 (Double Spaced) Category:   Logistics Language Style: English (U.S.) Order Instructions: How can retailers improve their reverse logistics processes by using technology?

Annotated timeline of the United States Declaration of War on April 6, 1917

Number of sources: 2 Writing Style: APA Type of document: Annotated timeline Academic Level: Undergraduate Number of Pages: 1 (Double Spaced) Category: Political Science Language Style: English (U.S.) Order Instructions: Construct an annotated timeline beginning with the United States Declaration of War on April 6, 1917, through the Armistice Agreement signed on November 11, 1918. […]

History of the Internet

Pages: 1 Double Spaced Sources: 2 Style: APA Instructions Around what time did the Internet come around and how did it all start? Would like to know more of the history of how the internet started – just a brief discussion will do.

Business Law

Number of sources: 2  Writing Style: APA  Type of document: Essay  Academic Level:Master Number of Pages: 1 (Double Spaced)  Category: Business  Language Style: English (U.S. Client)  Order Instructions: On July 5, 2005, Dr. Smriti Nalwa took her nine-year-old son and six-year-old daughter to Great America amusement park in California, where they went on the park’s […]

Data Communication

Number of sources: 6 Writing Style: Harvard Type of document: Research Paper Academic Level:Undergraduate Number of Pages: 5 (Double Spaced) Category:   Computer Science Language Style: English (U.K) Instructions: Write a report that evaluate different network technologies. Brief Introduction: The internet of things( IOT) is a term that encompasses many techniques between devices using methods such […]

Topic: Assignment: Creating a Single-System (Subject) Design Study

Number of sources: 4 Writing Style: APA Type of document: Essay Academic Level: Master Number of Pages: 5 (Double Spaced) Category:   Case Study Order Instructions: Assignment: Creating a Single-System (Subject) Design Study The steps at the heart of single-system (subject) research are part of the everyday practice of social work. Each day social workers […]

Mental Illness and Public Awareness

Number of sources: 6 Writing Style: APA Type of document: Other (Not listed) Academic Level:Master Number of Pages: 4 (Double Spaced) Category: Sociology Language Style: English (U.S.) Order Instructions: Create a program evaluation with logic model Topic: Mental Illness and Public Awareness Requirements: • Project should be 4–6 pages in length. • Using the log […]

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