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Historical context


Both message and context are important when viewing public art; they will help you appreciate more than just the history the artwork represents. When you understand these concepts, you can view the collective past on a deeper level. The events surrounding the creation and placement of public art say quite a bit about the art itself. Before beginning the American Art Project � Assignment, it is necessary to define what is meant by message and context of a work of art. The message of art is more than just the subject matter of the painting or sculpture. Some works of art may portray one image, but when examined closely, convey a deeper meaning reflective of the period in which they were created.

Why Am I Doing This?

Classical and renaissance themes have been used in a bid to bring out a new different form of art. It breaks away from the traditional themes of art since the setting depicts George Washington from the traditional forms of art, which were conservative and never depicted human beings in deeper forms such as gods since. The incorporation of classical themes and renaissance complement each other in bringing the difference between both themes out. The artist was depicting the first president of the United States as a god showing the numerous achievements that George Washington had made during the civil war and the short stint as the president of the United States. A god is seen as a symbol above everything and this was the case for George Washington. The writer depicts the piece of art showing that George Washington receiving various gift a similar treatment that is only attributed to gods. Additionally, it shows the numerous presents surrounding the status of a god[1]

Brumidi intended to show the whole world the means and methods used by George Washington to the world. Brumidi dresses George Washington as a military chief in some of the paintings to replace the picture of Zeus that had been erected a couple of years before the war. By dressing George Washington as a military chief and showing the remaining photos that were involved in the art, Brumidi manages to show the important role that George Washington played in the civil war and in the reconstruction of the nation after the civil war. Lastly Brumidi paints the picture in a variety of stages each depicting the important role that the leader played in the reconstruction of the country[2].

Historical context refers to the attitudes, moods, and conditions that happened at a particular time in history. The context refers to the setting where the event took place. In this case, the historical context is after the civil war in which George Washington had played a major role in quelling the aggression.

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