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Product return

Consider how you would feel if you had a toy that was on the recall list that your only child adored. Would
you return it? The toy company has said the item would not be replaced but you would get a refund.
Before you post, answer this question, explore the website SafeKids Worldwide Share with the class if
you would return the toy and if a review of the SafeKids website had any impact upon your final decision.

As Ambert (2014) asserts, a child is a bundle of joy to their parent. Therefore, a parent is
willing to go to the ends of the world to keep their child happy. Additionally, a parent’s instincts
are designed in a way that the parent would take on anything that threatens the child and the
child’s safety and happiness (Ambert, 2014). Being a parent to an only child, I would also feel
the need to take on anything that would take away my child’s happiness. An example is
someone/something taking away the child’s favorite toy from him/her. In the context of this
course, I would feel the need to refuse to comply with the company that recalled my child’s
favorite toy. Consequently, I would hesitate before returning the toy especially because the
company would not replace the toy. Taking away my child’s favorite toy from him/her would be
traumatizing to the child, and therefore I would hesitate before complying with the recall.
However, after taking a look at the list of toy recalls over the years compiled by SafeKids
Worldwide, I am inclined to change my initial position about returning the toy after the recall is
made. For instance, on the 17th of January 2017, Restoration Hardware recalled baby and child
vintage car toys after realizing the wheels of the cars could detach from the baby cars thus

RLMT630 Week 2 Forum 3
exposing the young children to the risk of injury and choking. The company recalled 1000 units
of the cars (SafeKids Worldwide, 2010).
Another case occurred on the 23rd of February 2017 when Little Tikes recalled its toddler
swings (snug and secure pink swings) after realizing a faulty design on the swings where the
plastics seats on the swings could break thus exposing children to risky falls. The company
recalled 540,000 units (SafeKids Worldwide, 2010). Another recall case also happened on the
22nd of the same month and year when Moose Toys recalled its live pet toys because the battery
cap of the toys’ button could become projectile and thus lead to a leakage of the chemical
components of the battery. Exposing children to these chemicals posed a severe health hazard on
the young ones leading to a recall of 427,000 units of the toy (SafeKids Worldwide, 2010).
After going through these recall incidences as well as many others that are recorded on the
SafeKids Worldwide website, I discovered that the recalls are based on the respective companies
being ethical and considerate of their customers. Most of the recalls were aimed at keeping the
children of the company’s customers safe from hazards posed by the faulty design of the various
toys and appliances. Based on this discovery, I would be ready to comply with company recalls
regardless of whether the toy is my child’s favorite toy because the child’s safety is more
important than keeping them happy.

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