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Personal Development Plan

Personal Development Plan


Part 1: Content Knowledge and Resources

Professional Development Plan is critical in assisting working professionals to
achieve their career goals and objectives, advance careers and realize high levels of satisfaction
and success. No matter the industry, effective professional development plan plays a significant
role in self-realization and actualization of future goals. This personal development plan will
outline my goals for career development by reflecting on my education and training objectives as
well as identifying my next steps in accounting and education training for career development.
This is because being an ambitious professional; it is essential to combine what is learned in the
classroom and applying gained skills in the real world. My desire for diversity, constructivism,
Bloom’s taxonomy, student learning approach, levels of learning objectives, and behavioral
objectives will guide my establishment of a perfect career development portfolio. This will
enhance my professional skill base and promote my marketability. My professional development
plan will be based on accounting organization and promote behavioral objectives (Bullock &
Hawk, 2001). This is to make sure that I advance with my organization in my professional

My professional development plan is linked with education and business
accounting organizations. Since the accounting field is full of acronyms such as ROI, P&L,
GAAP, and COGS, it is essential to learn these acronyms quickly in order to change my career
significantly. My career development in accounting business is about planning and executing
objectives perfectly. Focusing on business accounting organization, I intend to grow my career to
the top management level through useful management skills and goal-oriented leadership. To
become a top leader in accounting, it is important to continually develop new knowledge and

skills and polish the abilities I already possess in the field. Besides, as a leader, it is important to
encourage other employees to pursue professional development opportunities that will assist
them to refine and strengthen their skills. This is because career development enhances
teamwork and overall organizational performance. I believe working in the accounting
organization will allow me to gain robust skill sets that will enhance my chances of succeeding
as well as moving up in the corporate ladder.

My professional development plan will positively influence my job satisfaction
and retention rates. Besides, in the education sector, I plan to enhance my credentials by easing
the path to certifications. This is because the day-to-day duties make it extremely hard for
financial professionals to find time to earn and maintain professional designations. Earning
certifications in both education and business accounting will promote behavioral objectives and
student learning approaches. This will significantly enhance my career potential and strengthen
the performance of my organization. Besides, it will allow me to set sufficient time for
continuing education. Working as an accountant offers me opportunities for tuition and despite
the costs associated with further learning, it provides flexible work options to enable me to
balance my work and study schedules. An accounting environment identifies CPE opportunities
for me to rack up continuing professional education credits towards industry association
networks. Under the accounting environment, I will be committed to a professional development
plan that will be essential for executing my career goals. This will keep me on track and career
path (Dixon, Lee & Ghaye, 2016).

In order to achieve my education and business accounting goals, I will get a
mentor whom I admire their personal and professional skills to keep me informed and
accountable. A mentor will be essential in providing guidance as well as setting deadlines. I will

be able to enroll in further study programs and set deadlines to achieve them. This is vital
because I will be able to break down my plan into short-, medium- and long-term goals that will
enhance the chances of success and effective career development plan. In this case, I will be able
to celebrate milestones. I will monitor my progress often to confirm my accomplished and
establish a remaining aspect of professional development. This will open insight that will help
me to identify additional goals and hone my existing goals as well as reinforce progress. Besides,
it will help me to redesign my career to fit in education and business accounting organizations.
An accounting environment will enhance my accountancy skill sets and grow my list of abilities
and accomplishments. This will develop my overall value and improve an organization’s
performance and clientele (Doel, Shardlow & Sawdon, 2017).

Predicting the most issues that will affect education and business environment is
essential for directing my career ambition. Education and business accounting environments will
be affected by diversity, globalization, and technology. The accounting profession is on the
precipice of change, and it is essential to have a valid personal development plan that will be
effective to manage proportionately impact its future. Technology, lead generation, collaborative
learning communities and organization development and improvement software will provide
flexibility and real-time information for enhancing the success of organizations. Education and
business accounting will be affected by new technology, making it easier for accountants to
perform their duties. The operation of accountants will be significantly affected by cloud
computing, automating marketing solutions and promoting data analytics.

According to my theme and work environment, I identify diversity as an essential
component of career development. Diversity in my professional growth will not only increase
my chances of success but will also ensure that I fit into the different organizational setting.

Diversity in education is a fantastic opportunity for creating a better sense of community and
accepting differences in others. I will learn how to appreciate others, tolerate differences and
show respects to others and myself. The diverse working environment will help to realize that all
people are unique and that differences are valuable and allow a profession to appreciate and
value people’s ideas and opinions. This will allow me to adapt to new surroundings and cherish
diversity in the workplace.

Embracing the idea of diversity in education and working environments is
essential regarding developing a culture of unconditional acceptance and improving overall
performance. It is essential for a leader to set the tone for building and reinforcing diversity in
the form of cohesive language, inclusivity and supporting others. Embracing cultural diversity in
the educational and working environment is essential in creating a competitive advantage. My
professional development plan will enable me to thrive in the fast-paced and unpredictable
business accounting environment as well as develop into a global business leader of tomorrow.
Learning and embracing diversity is important because it will inspire my
creativity and drive my innovation. This will allow me to gain knowledge, which will make me
more competitive and profitable as well as enhance my portfolio as a top class employee.
Besides, embracing diversity as a manager will allow me to draw a culturally diverse pool of
talents and enhance my company to draw and retain the best talents in the labor market. This is
because a diverse skill base will allow the organization to offer a full and more adaptable range
of services and products as well as diverse teams, which will perform better. I will allow myself
to gain a truly enriching experience as well as learn about perspectives and traditions across the
world. This will make me to bond over similarities and differences to become a global citizen
who is a valuable career aspect. Thus, a diverse set of colleagues is professionally enriching and

will expose me to new approaches and skills to work as well as develop an international network
that will take my career into exciting new directions.
Part 2: Competencies

Competency is essential for realizing professional goals. Information literacy has
allowed me to gain research skills that will allow me to grow my career development plan. I am
right in teaching behavioral objectives and enhancing my accounting skills. Therefore, as an
accountant, it is essential to have a professional development plan that will provide an effective
and high-quality service to gain and retain business as well as maintain the confidence and trust
of my clients. I will have an ethical obligation to my clients, employers, and other stakeholders
in order to undertake my work with due diligence and care. Maintaining professional competence
will allow me to continue learning throughout my career as well as developing my technical
skills and keeping pace with accountancy innovations and changes. I will take part in suitable
programs of continuing education in order to uphold hypothetical knowledge, professional
values, and skills as adequately high level.

Thus, in order to gain good quality professional development, I will learn through
experience to gain requirements that will reflect the value of accounting appropriately. I will
attend professional training and seminars and deliver training to others. I will promote my e
learning and undertake research and writing skills as well as attend professional briefings,
coaching and mentoring activities that will enhance my career development. I will monitor and
evaluate the effectiveness that will develop me into a better accountant. Therefore, my
information literacy goals will allow me to integrate information ethically and legally as well as
evaluate information and company resources. Information technology is increasingly changing

and continually evolving. Besides, information is becoming diverse, and I will utilize company
resources to learn about diversity and research information across different academic studies and
workplaces as well as in my personal life. I will apply strategies to recognize when information
is needed and enhance my capacity to evaluate, locate and use effectively the information
required. I will, therefore, enhance my research and writing skills, which will improve my
reporting performance.

Development of writing skills will ensure my abilities keep in pace with current
standards of other professionals in my field. Therefore, I will enhance and maintain my skills and
knowledge that will be needed to deliver my professional services to my clients and community.
I will ensure my writing skills stay relevant and up to date as well as remaining aware of
changing directions and trends in my profession. Writing development will allow me to make a
significant contribution to my organization and become more efficient and effective in my work
environment. This will allow me to grow my profession and grow into new positions where I
will be able to lead, influence and manage as well as mentor and coach others. This will make
me stay interested and engaging in delivering a deeper understanding of being a global
professional. Writing and research skills will advance my knowledge and technology as well as
improved confidence as a profession (Ghaye, 2010).

My action plan will consider technology and English articulation. This is because
they are my main weaknesses in acceding to the world of technology and learning English as a
second language in my late 40s. Thus, the changing technologies make me eager to adopt new
technology and willingness to learn how to use technology in the workplace. My goals will be
achieving certification in technology, applied computerized systems, achieving education
certificates in English, technology, and coaching. I will create a positive perception of

technology in order to facilitate my general understanding and application of technology in my
profession. I will break up instructions into small units with given objectives and link new
information with the existing information. Besides, I will regulate and be aware of other
environmental disturbances in order to ensure successful learning both computer and English
classes. I will employ different strategies to make educational technologies learner-oriented. I
will also improve learner integration and knowledge reorganization in order to achieve the goals
of new technology and English articulation. I will promote independence and be self-motivated
to apply appropriate strategies and initiatives to acquire and retain knowledge (Ghaye, 2010).

Part 3: Reflective Activities
Reflection Goal

I met the reflective goal that gave me a deeper understanding and critical self-
evaluation. This has allowed me to improve my efficiency and effectiveness in my teaching
performance. The process of reflection was critical in making me a reflective practitioner as it
allowed me to reevaluate my goals at specific intervals to measure my work process and draw
strategies to improve and be more effective. Learning from experience and mistakes enhance my
perfection and ability to achieve my goals on time. Improved efficiency and effectiveness makes
me a more reflective practitioner because it allowed me to pay critical attention to the practical
theories and values, which informed my everyday actions. Reflection made be better by
providing practice-based professional learning and enhance my ability to bring theories into
practice through experiences, emotions, and responses as well as knowledge to add value to my
existing knowledge (Ghaye, 2010).

Strengthening Reflective Process


Strengthening reflective process is ideal for improving effectiveness and teaching
efficiency. I will continually examine and reflect upon my behaviors and practices as well as
adjust to improve my performance. Thus, I will regularly investigate my classroom behaviors
through lenses and videos in order to establish strategies to improve my teaching effectiveness,
efficiency, and performance. I will strengthen my reflective process my evaluating learning
process and feedback from students in order to know the target characteristics and adapt my
teaching practice accordingly. I will improve my capacity to provide the best conditions for
students to reflect and receive training in problem-solving and decision-making skills (Corrall,

Reflective Activities in Working Environment
It is essential to integrate useful reflective activities in a work environment in
order to improve performance. This is because reflecting gives an opportunity to think about the
experience and opens chances to learn new ideas. I will continue my reflective actions through
concrete experience in order to forge new ways to think about classroom theories. Thus, I will
enhance the concrete experience, abstract conceptualization, reflective observation and active
experimentation in my working environment.



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