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Making structures

Write 5_6 sentences for the article moving the huge stone blocks. Write 5_ 6 sentences
for the article graphs as well. Look at the bottom of both article for the prompt. Don’t answer the 3
questions. Just look at the 3 questions to help you elaborate. Use elaboration strategies. Use
imagine or since for your elaboration strategy. Find the topic and point. Which is the main idea of
the whole article. It should be the first sentence. I will send a sample. You don’t need to cite any
sources. Just use the articles and elaborate to come up with the 5 to 6 sentences

Moving Huge Stone Blocks
Making structures such as the Egyptian Pyramids from big stone blocks was tiresome
work. Since stone bocks were heavy, transporting them to the site where the pyramids were built
and lifting the blocks required several workers. If the blocks were pushed on rollers oron wet
clay, the workers would be panting from straining to push the heavy and big rocks for building
the pyramids. Imagine Pyramids were built today, frictional sounds from stacking rocks on one
another to make a pyramid. Since the building blocks were large and heavy, the workers felt
fatigued after the work and would experience other signs of fatigue such as general pain. If there
were no machines today, jobs that would be as tiresome as the use of rocks in building pyramids
would be lifting up mined ore from deep mines, offloading cargo from ships at the port and
carrying building materials from the ground up to tall buildings such as towers.

Graphs are used to represent several aspects of mathematical values. Line graphs are the
type of graphs used to represent the changes of specific value over the period and across different
types of populations. Bar graphs are used to compare the different amounts of mathematical
figures such the number of students in different classes. Circle graphs are used to represent
portions of various variables in comparison to the total figure. The graphs are used to report the
findings of research studies, in representing populations in school, a community, and national
census statistics. If there were no graphs, it would be challenging to create impressions of sizes
of mathematical figures, to show variations of a figure over a period and comparing the portion
that each figure represents in the total amount.

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