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Leadership qualities

Write a cover letter that highlights the leadership qualities you already possess and explains how

your enrollment in the MBA program will enhance those qualities.

Cover Letter should include:

  1. Describe characteristics of an effective leader.
  2. Explain how effective leaders build and maintain relationships across disciplines.
  3. Explain how effective leaders develop and lead teams of diverse employees.
  4. Explain how academic skills support effective leadership and continued professional

development in the business world.


Cover Letter-A1

This paper intends to present a cover letter, highlighting my leadership qualities.
Additionally, the cover letter will demonstrate how enrollment in an MBA program is significant
in enhancing my leadership qualities.

Cover Letter

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Dear Sir/Madam
I am writing this cover letter with an aim of highlighting to you my leadership qualities.
In addition, I intend to demonstrate to you how enrollment in an MBA program is significant in
enhancing my leadership qualities.
As an effective leader one is expected to demonstrate a number of characteristics. First,
one should be a risk-taker, who always makes attempts towards creating great changes.
Secondly, one should exercise self-control, which notably is one of my characteristics (Spitzer,
2015). Thirdly, one should be modest. Fourth, a leader should be motivational which fortunately
one of my best characteristics is. Fifth, a leader should communicate clearly, which is a practice I
have always demonstrated.
Moreover, as an effective leader, building and maintaining relations across disciplines is
an important factor. There are various methods of achieving building and maintaining relations.
One of the methods is emphasizing on building trust among employees and focusing on having
an interpersonal approach to communication (Spitzer, 2015). Additionally, in order to have good
relations across disciplines, it is important to motivate all employees and stimulate their
individual attention.
Furthermore, in order to lead teams that comprise of different employees, it is important
to accommodate cultural differences (Spitzer, 2015). Notably, different employees have different
cultures. Hence, it is important to accommodate practices that unite employees without
infringing on their beliefs. In addition, it is also significant to be ethical. Being ethical makes a
leader have a brawny moral base.

Notably, having academic skills is crucial in supporting effective leadership, along with
unrelenting professional development. Outstandingly, with academic skills, one is able to
embrace global changes such as technological changes and changes in policies. Moreover, with
academic knowledge one is able to interpret any newly introduced practices within an institution.
In line with this, I would appreciate having the chance to enroll in an MBA program.
Student’s Name
Student’s Signature


An MBA program is significant in enhancing a person’s leadership qualities. The cover
letter above highlights my leadership qualities and demonstrates how enrollment in an MBA
program will be significant in enhancing my leadership qualities.



Spitzer, R. (2015). An Effective Leadership Paradigm. Nurse Leader, 13(2), 8.

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