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Badrul Khan Web Based Framework

Badrul Khan Web Based Framework

Assignment: Using and Applying Badrul Khan�s Web-based Framework

Use and apply Badrul Khan�s Web-based Framework to evaluate an online course offered by a
corporate organization for training purposes, academic course, or a virtual high school course.
While you are navigating the course of your choice, answer the questions outlined in the � Matrix

for Evaluation of E-Learning Courses�� provided here.

After answering and commenting on each question in the matrix, write a four to six (4-6) page
paper in which you address this question thoroughly: To what extent does the course meet the

nine (9) dimensions of Khan�s Web-based Framework?
Preparation. Review Badrul Khan�s Web-based Framework.
Write a four to six (4-6) page paper in which you:

Answer the questions in the matrix about the selected course. (Access the list of questions in the

course shell.)

Describe and evaluate the selected online course offered by a corporate organization for training
purposes, academic institution, or a virtual high school, including: (a) type of course, (b) length,
(c) target learners, and (d) delivery method(s) (text, audio, video lecture, etc.).
Describe and evaluate the selected online course offered by a corporate organization for training


purposes, academic institution, or a virtual high school, including: (a) interactivity, (b) types
of�communication between instructor and students, (c) collaboration opportunities, and (d) two

(2) other key features.

Evaluate the selected online course using nine (9) dimensions of Khan�s Web-based


Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all

sides; citations and references must follow APA

The online course understudy is the virtual learning course initiated by the
university of Michigan in the field of education. In order to evaluate it in the light of


Badrul Khan web based nine dimensional methods, it is necessary to understand that
model in the first place. The Badrul Khan model is an innovative approach through which
the pedagogical, institutional, management related parts, and the resource support
processes are used to analyze the performance of the online program. In this method, the
systematic approach is used to check the validity of the online program as far as the
service delivery for the target audience is concerned.
Description in the light of Badrul Khan web based framework:
The online teaching program of the above mentioned university fulfills the first
criteria of the web based model which is the pedagogical criteria. The target audience
consisting of the university students is adequately covered through the good quality of the
content. The content is derived from many university online libraries and the access of
these libraries is given to the students as well. The videos are based on the recorded as
well as the online resources of the information (Akhunzada, et al., 2016). This online
program is basically divided into multiple modules and the content is also up to the mark.
The good quality of the content can be gauged from the fact that the information available
for the students is derived from the current scenario and the international trends which are
prevalent in the field of education. The online training program provides practical
knowledge about the skills to be inculcated in the educational domain of the work. The
videos which are present on the website of this online program cover the content in the
holistic manner. The audio visual method is use to demonstrate the teaching techniques.
This practice enables the students to get at hand training by viewing the pedagogical
skills on the online videos.
As far as the technological criteria of Badrul Khan’s web based model is


concerned, it is pertinent to mention that that the use of innovative techniques has been
employed to a greater extent. The resource persons conduct the regular video
conferencing with the administrators of the online program and the policy formulation is
done regarding the need to bring changes in the method of teaching. Recently, the
administration has brought a change in the use of interface of the website and provided
the passwords to the students so that they can search the relevant data which was
previously restricted for them (Hashem, et al., 2016). This sort of practice is very much
helpful because of the demand of the time. In addition to that, the developers of the
online learning website have also initiated the task of maintaining the specific bandwidth
of the net service provided by them. Through this bandwidth, the students can easily
access the internet without any problem. This has brought significant ease in the process
of examination which was previously hindered due to the problem of inaccessibility of
the internet.
The third entity in the web based model is the development of interface. The more
the interface is attractive and user friendly, the more the users would be at ease to search
the data from it. In this regard, it is pertinent to mention that the online course of the
university is very much advance and it is needed that the interface is kept simple and easy
to understand. This criterion is amply fulfilled in this approach and the interface has the
categorization of the icons. The students do not feel any difficulty in searching the data
form it. Another important domain of the web based model is the evaluation of all the
stakeholders. This evaluation is done in order to find out the way the program or the
website is effectively producing the impact. The above mentioned online course is
evaluated on the basis of the capacity of the learners, instructors and the overall


community. It is found that the Michigan university is catering to all types of students
and the learners ranging from the mediocre to the genius students. This course is divided
into different categories on the basis of the level of difficulty which it poses to the
learners. The stages start form that of the beginners and ranges up to the level of experts
in the field of educational courses (Charoenpit & Ohkura, 2013). As far as the evaluation
of instructors is concerned, it is pertinent to mention that the instructors are well aware of
the content to the topic and know how to convey the meanings of the syllabus given in
the online course. Moreover, the learners are provided with the performance evaluation
form to give the feedback regarding the performance of the instructors.
Another dimension of the Badrul Khan web based model is the assessment of
resource support. It is significantly highlighted that this online course has been supported
by the national and international research analysts and they provide regular feedback as
well. In addition to that, the resource persons come from the diverse backgrounds and
share their views through the online extension lectures arranged by the administration.
These extension lectures are the sources of information about the practical application of
the issues in the field of education (Khan & Badii, 2012). Another domain of the Badrul
Khan model is the ethical consideration. This online course is ethically sound and there is
no evidence of any sort of social or cultural bias. The content is open for the people
belonging to all caste, color and races. In this regard, it is important to signify that the
course does not include any mandatory religious subject to be imposed on the students.
They are free to choose from the material available on the website.
Conclusion and opportunities:
Overall, this program is a good initiative as far as the service delivery is


concerned. There are many opportunities for the international collaboration in this
program. The administration can make collaboration with the universities of the Asian
and African region to help in the propagation of knowledge. In this way, the online
course can be easily made available to those who cannot afford it. This would serve as the
best option to do the community service in one way or the other (Yaqoob, et al., 2016).).
In short, the online academic program is very effective as far as the propagation of
knowledge in the field of education is concerned. There is a need to make positive
changes in this online program keeping in view the modern changing dimensions of the


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