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Social media

Write a proposal to leadership proposing that the company (Houston Methodist) analyze its social media

presence and compare it with those of its competitors.

Topics to address in paper:

  1. Describe a current trend in social media platforms and practices.
  2. Describe the importance of social media to a company.
  3. Develop a proposal for analyzing a company’s social media presence.
  4. Outline a plan for conducting a social media analysis that could support a business recommendation.
  5. Communicate in a manner that is professional and consistent with expectations for members of the

business profession.



This paper intends to present a proposal regarding Houston Methodist Company
analyzing its leadership with a great focus being on the presence of Houston Methodist Company
on social media. The proposal will further compare the presence of Houston Methodist Company
on social media with its competitors.
Houston Methodist is a renowned hospital located in Houston in Texas. Notably, Houston
Methods makes use of social media to sell its services globally. Among the competitors of
Houston Methodist are Memorial Hermann and St Luke’s Health (Zheng, & Li, 2016). Notably,
Memorial Hermann and St Luke’s Health identify the need of utilizing social media in selling
their services globally and improving their facilities.
Currently, there are various social media practices trends. First, social media provides
companies with a chat box for directly communicating with their clients, which is one of the
methods Memorial Hermann utilizes. Secondly, social media focuses more on features of a
business, which is one of the methods used by St Luke’s Health to sell it globally.
Notably, social media is important to a company in many ways (Boccia, 2013). First, a
company is able to gain insights from customers, which is one of the methods used by Houston
Methodist for improving its services. Secondly, social media is significant in increasing brand

awareness. Thirdly, through social media companies are able to know the things their
competitors are doing (Mazzei, & Butera, 2016).
Thus, in order for Houston Methodist to analyze its presence in social media, I would
propose they first evaluate their goals in digital marketing. Secondly, Houston Methodist should
reexamine profiles of their target customers. Thirdly, it will be important for Houston Methodist
to assess the frequency of its digital presence.
Furthermore, in conducting an analysis of its social media, Houston Methodist should
have an appropriate plan that supports any business recommendation. Hence, Houston Methodist
should first identify what it intends to achieve from digital marketing. Secondly, Houston
Methodist should assess its strengths in conducting digital marketing. Thirdly, it is important to
identify target audience in digital marketing and the reason for targeting them. Fourth, Houston
Methodist should assess which tools of social media are currently being used by the company
and how effective the tools have been. The next step is determining how effective Houston
Methodist is in regards to leveraging the digital marketing tools, engaging with all the audience it
targets and amplifying messages.


Social Media is an important tool in selling the services provided by a company globally.
Additionally, social media helps in knowing activities being carried out by a company’s
competitors. Thus, the essay above presents a proposal regarding Houston Methodist Company
which analyzes its leadership with a great focus being on the presence of Houston Methodist
Company on social media.



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