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Integrated activities/ Element tools

Integrated activities/ Element tools

Marketing has evolved with the introduction of technology. For 5 gum platinum to
penetrate the market, the Wrigley company needs to comprehend ways to incorporate the
traditional, technological, and modern techniques in their marketing approach.  The
traditional marketing channels have mainly concentrated on network cable television,
radio, and billboards. Social media network is being adopted by most companies because
it is affordable and more customers are using the various platforms. Despite this, other
elements of marketing that will be tackled; are sponsorship, ambush marketing, sales
promotion, philanthropy marketing, and buzz marketing.
Integrated marketing is important because it provides an opportunity for actualizing
the creative marketing communication plans. This enables the 5 gum platinum product to
have a significant communication impact, especially when the various varieties are
launched into the market. Furthermore, the integrated activities that will be used in
promoting 5 gum platinum product will provide an opportunity to establish a relationship
with the targeted customers. Customers needed to feel valued and appreciated, maintaining

a constant communication is one way (Kotler et al., 2016, p.116). In the following section,
there is a detailed explanation of how the elements will be employed in marketing and
communicating the new 5 gum platinum campaign.

5.1 Selection, integration and detailed explanation

Communication is about getting the messages about 5 gum platinum to the customer.
In the first part, five element tools have been identified which with proper selection of the
communication channel will ensure that the customers are aware of the product. The 5
gum platinum product is more attractive to the young people especially teenagers and
youths. The focus on sponsorship will draw the young people to 5 gum platinum product
that is offered by Wrigley company. According to Rosen & Minsky, (2011), sponsorship
deals with activating the brand. It does connect with the customers’ passions and desires
drawing them to purchase the product.
The 5 gum platinum from Wrigley is aimed at occupying the position of American
hottest gum brand. In order to achieve this, the company needs to determine their equity
opportunity that they can use and later on select a partner that reflects the goal of the 5
gum platinum. The chewing gum works on the slogan Stimulate your Senses.” Therefore,
a young person whom the young people can relate with will be beneficial to sponsor the 5
gum platinum product. The popularity of the personality can be linked to art, sports or
business that most of the teenagers and youths aspire to emulate (Rosen & Minsky, 2011).
Moreover, in line with sponsorship marketing, the Wrigley Company needs to link 5
gum platinum product to selected sponsored events that their target market is interested in.
The teenagers and youths are interested in sports; this is an avenue that the Wrigley
Company needs to use. Sponsorship should cover events where a large number of youths

are expected to participate. This will create the necessary awareness of the 5 gum platinum
product, hence accelerating its success in the market.
Furthermore, in marketing 5 gum platinum, ambush marketing needs to be employed
by Wrigley Company. The approach of ambush marketing requires the marketing to be
prompt and creative. Ambush marketing focus on taking advantage of the events
happening in the society to promote the chewing gum (Luxton et al., 2015, p.38). In the
case of conflict between different parties, the 5 gum platinum can be promoted as a stress
reliever. The different flavors do not only activate the taste buds, but also help a person to
Moreover, in the case of the tension that is present in the USA and North Korea, the
packaging of the 5 gum platinum to create a peace and unifying message will promote the
chewing gum. To ensure that the customers can get their message on time, the
incorporation of radio and television adverts are essential for the 5 gum platinum product.
Ambush marketing capitalizes on an event and once it passes the marketing message
becomes irrelevant. This, therefore, requires the channels selected to propel the message at
a faster rate (Luxton et al., 2015, p.37).
The third approach is sales promotion and is a vital part of marketing. The sales
promotion takes various forms, some of which are bonus items, sampling, trade
promotions among others. According to Kotler et al., (2016), the sales promotion is a short
time approach that is done to stimulate sales (p.54). In the case of the 5 gum platinum,
there are more varieties in its product line to attract customers. The fastest way is to focus
on giving 5 gum platinum product as bonus items or allowing the customers to sample the
various varieties of the chewing gum and provide their feedback. Additionally,

employment of sales agents in different retail stores to promote the 5 gum platinum will
also increase the sales of the product.
The fourth approach that the 5 gum platinum marketing team can incorporate is
philanthropy marketing. The marketing focuses on giving back to the society by taking
part in various events. There has been a lot of complaints and discussions on chewing
gums sticking-on the paths. The county governments have stated that they spend a lot of
resources on removing chewing gum from the streets. Adelaide City Council reported that
they spend more over $200 cleaning the streets dirtied by chewing gum (Jory, 2013).
5 gum platinum marketing team can take advantage of this situation by participating
in street clean-up. The youths, who are the main target market, can be encouraged to
participate in the cleaning exercise by providing them with branded 5 gum platinum
merchandise. Also, 5 gum platinum branded trash cans should be strategically positioned
along the streets. The message of maintaining a green and clean environment once linked
with the 5 gum platinum will attract environmentally conscious customers.
Moreover, the approach is affordable and requires minimal resources to launch it. The
channels to use to ensure the message penetrates the market are participating in charitable
events, and advertising on their website and social media networks. Additionally, 5 gum
platinum slogan Stimulate your Senses” can be used in events to communicate its unique
varieties to all potential customers (Cronin, 2017).
The fifth approach concentrates on creating a branded environment for the product.
The 5 gum platinum is a brand on its own within Wrigley Company. The focus on what it
offers that makes it distinctive from other brands will provide the 5 gum platinum with a
selling point. The communication message should also concentrate on the flavors and the

unique packaging to draw customers to the 5 gum platinum chewing gum (Luxton et al.,
2015, p. 38).
Lastly, buzz marketing can be used in marketing 5 gum platinum chewing gum. Buzz
marketing infuses excitement in the industry and it is affordable becomes it relies on word
of mouth (Luxton et al., 2015, p. 38). The target market for the 5 gum platinum is
teenagers and youths who are in school and colleges. The initiation of a competitive
sponsorship and paid internship linked to the 5 gum platinum product will attract the target
market. The initiative is sufficient to create the needed awareness that will promote 5 gum
platinum in different parts of the country.
All the approaches need to be integrated together to ensure that there is a consolidated
approach when marketing the 5 gum platinum product. This will eliminate confusion
among the customers and make the product appealing. To achieve this, the marketing team
needs to build the discussed integrated marketing communication elements within the
creative plan. The selection of the teenagers and youths as the target market provides 5
gum platinum with a wider market scope.
In conclusion, the employment of the various approaches discussed in the section will
enable the 5 gum platinum product to penetrate the market. The strategies discussed are in
line with the creative plan. As they will not only appeal, but also draw the target market to
purchase the five gum platinum. Moreover, in integrated marketing communications, the
main aim is creating awareness of the unique features of the chewing gum. The knowledge
will enable the customers to differentiate the 5 gum platinum from that of competitors,
hence stimulating its sales.



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