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Differentiation strategies

� What differentiation strategies can be used in your classroom to teach all students?
� What new strategies do you plan to use in your classroom? Why?
� How do you see yourself incorporating manipulatives into your classroom more regularly? How
does this change your way of thinking and planning?
� How can resilience be built in students while reducing their resistance?
Reaching All Students

Differentiating a classroom in order to reach to all students is sometimes an
overwhelming process that requires careful planning. Some of the considerations teachers
should consider are the choice of books to use for the course, the nature of problems to assign
students, and the learning objectives of the course to be covered (Van de Walle, Karp, &
Bay-Williams, 2013). Teachers should use problem-solving approaches to engage their
students and monitor their progress and growth.
One of the things that I would change to make my class more differentiated is the
inclusion of visual concepts to explain abstract math concepts. I would also incorporate
computer-aided software to design homework so as to explain the course’s concepts in a
more dynamic manner. In order to utilize useful techniques of every student, I would break
the class into smaller unique groups and adjust the class’s instruction level in order to focus
on the low and middle achievers. I would incorporate formative testing to guide instruction
and provide continuous student’s feedback on the course’s concepts they are missing. This
will allow the student s to grasp the content without having the need to go back to the same
topic again.
Student’s resilience can be built by ensuring in-depth mastery of the course concepts
(Improvement, 2014). The use of games is among the best strategies that allow students
master the course’s concepts effectively. These games build their skills and knowledge thus
reducing their vulnerability to making avoidable mistakes. The use of low preparation ways

to differentiate instruction also gives the students an opportunity to make their own choices
based on their readiness thus enhancing their resilience (Improvement, 2014).



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