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Fast-food production: American company

Exclusive Inc. is an American company that concentrates on fast-food production.
The company desires to venture into the international market precisely the Australian market.
To make sure that their expansion strategy is successful they required a market analysis of the
country. Research objectives guided the research process. The first one focused on
identifying the most effective broadcast media to use in advertising. The second one dealt
with understanding the characteristics that consumers who are more likely to be influenced
by the broadcast media have. The last one, dealt with understanding how to encourage
Australian consumers to eat at Exclusive Inc. through advertising.
The survey research method was utilized with a total of 100 respondents. The data
collected were analyzed using the SPPS software as it was compatible with the Qualtrics that
was used in recording the data. Additionally, Pearson correlation and descriptive statistics
were also employed in the data analysis (Westfall & Henning, 2013, p.412). The research
encountered some limitations which are: failure of some respondents to participate, research
bias as only university students were involved, and invalid responses since some of the
respondents were not residing in Australia. However, these limitations were insignificant and
did not affect the accuracy of the final results.
The research revealed that television, online media, and billboards were the suitable
advertising media. Secondly, Australian consumers who are more likely to be drawn to
purchase the fast-food products are the youths who are in colleges. Lastly, to draw the
Australian consumers to Exclusive Inc., the focus should be on food quality, price, and type
of food respectively. Also, the company should focus on burgers and fried chicken as they are
liked by Australians. Moreover, the company will need to tailor their advertisement in an
attractive, unique, and appealing way to stimulate the interest of the Australian consumers.

The research concluded that Exclusive Inc. has potential to succeed if they implement the
research findings.


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