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Impact of motivation on employee productivity

This week the writer will be submitting a high-level summary of potential research topics of which will be
submitted to the Instructor, who will reply with feedback and suggestions for you to integrate into your
work. The writer should take note that the high-level summary topics will fall under the scope of �Effects
of Human Resource practices on employee performance�. With this in mind the writer will chose a topic
around that main topic which is also the topic the owner of the paper is working on for his final paper.
It is very important for the writer to understand that this will be an ongoing paper and for this week he/she
will only be submitting a high level-level summary of 1-page word document of potential topics. The
information below is just to guide the writer to understand what will be expected of the paper later next
week when he begins written the paper base on the topic that the writer will be chosen this week and
presenting in the summary mentioned above. It is also important for the writer to take into consideration
that for the topic for the doctoral study will be �Effects of Human Resource practices on employee
performance�. With this in mind the writer will be able to select potential research topics as noted above

in the first paragraph of this order form.

This is just for the writer to have an idea of what is expected next so as to know how to make the chose
for the topic as the information below will be use to complete the paper of which the topic will be chosen
this week. so please let the writer pay attention to details here before composing the detailed summary.

The writer must also include in-text citations and reference


Final Paper Topics

Performance appraisal as a tool for achieving high-level efficiency and productivity by employees in a
Performance appraisal is a human resources management approach intended to increase
productivity in an organization (Montather 2014). Managers monitor every employee, unit, and
department with an aim rewarding. Statement of the problem that arises from performance appraisal is:
lack of policies, control mechanisms, and procedures for performance appraisal in the service industry
and no solid measures already put in place to evaluate trained employees.
The objective of the research will be to examine how performance appraisal affects productivity and
organization’s goal achievement; and how employees react differently to performance appraisal
Impact of motivation on employee productivity
Employees are motivated differently, and it takes human resource initiatives to ensure all
workers are motivated. When employees are motivated, their performance is high and leads to the
fulfillment of organization objectives (Nitin and Boris 2010). Through motivation, it is possible for HR
managers to find employee motives for work and come up with ways to improvise. The problem that
leads to doing the research is high-employee turnover in public sector industry.
The research is intended to examine effects motivation has on employee productivity in the service
Staff training and development as a tool for employee performance
Training is essentially done to help members of an organization get equipped with knowledge,
skills, and attitude needed for effective organizational performance (Carter 2011). Training and
development are critical as it forms the benchmark for assessing overall organizational performance and
competitive edge. The problem that necessitates this research is the low-performance level in the
service industry; banks.
The objective of the research is to examine how staff development acts as a tool for improving
organizational performance.


Final Paper Topics


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Montather (2014). HRM: Performance appraisal methods.
Nitin and Boris (2010). Motivation: A powerful new model.

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