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Comparison of arguments

Basically, you will need to read 20 pages and answer these questions below in an essay form please.
1- Statement of the issue – one or two sentences.
2- Review of the authors arguments – one or two paragraphs stating at least three major points made by
each author.
3- Comparison of arguments – at least one paragraph contrasting what each author had to say.
4 – Your opinion – at least one paragraph explaining either
a) why you agree with one of another, or
b)why you disagree with all the authors.
5- Discussion Question – an open ended question that you derive from the readings.
This is the textbook name just in case you need to know or if you want to quote anything. “The Enduring
Debate (Norton, 2014)

Chapter Summary
Statement of the issue

Two different authors differ on the level of polarization and division among the people of
the United States. Morris Fiorina believes that polarization has been caused by the difference
between the red and blue states, but they are more inclined towards political leaders and not all
people while James Wilson believes that the whole of the United States is divided into two fronts
in all public matters (Canon et al., 2006) .

Review of Authors Arguments

Morris Fiorina believes that politicians divide the country. The ordinary people only vote
for the different republican and democratic candidates basing on what their leaders tell them. In
fact, the leaders can polarize the election in their favor. A good example is given by the former
president of the United States. Both candidates from the two main parties are unable to garner
more than sixty percent of their countries vote because they ensure that their country is divided
along political lines. When Barrack Obama won the elections in the year 2008, some of the red
states that were originally perceived to belong to the opposition party voted for the Democratic
candidates. This showed the leaders ultimately decided on how people will vote. Additionally,

the leaders are divided on certain issues such as abortion and homosexuality while the people
have nearly the same views (Canon et al., 2006).
James Wilson argues that the whole of America is divided into two parties, democrats,
and republicans. Wilson argues that the actions of Democrats will never be supported by
Republicans and vice versa. Wilson outlines how the differences have spilled over to other
factors such as media houses and parties of interests. Wilson outlines that more Democrats will
tend to watch CNN while Republicans will opt to watch Fox news. On issues of national debate
such as abortion, both the democrats and republicans will be divided into two different opposing

Comparison of Arguments

Fiorina clearly states that the political system is the one that is divided while people from
the different parts of the divide will have a common ground when it comes to issues such as
homosexuality and abortion. According to Fiorina, it is politicians who are divided.
James Wilson is very categorical on the divisions currently witnessed in the United States.
According to James, all issues in the society are divided into two fronts. There those who support
the Republicans and those that who support the Democrats. The two parties will never see eye to
eye on different issues. That is why when they are given various options on abortions,
Republicans tend to choose issues that lean towards saving of the mother while Republicans tend
to choose issues that are more secular in nature (Canon et al., 2006).


My opinion is in tandem with James Wilson. Different people want to e associated with
different parties in the United States. To be associated with a given party, an individual needs to
show that they are in line with the ideas of the party. They would, therefore, disagree with
anything else that comes from a different party. This is why the United States presidents of
recent times have not been winning by large margins. Fiorina fails to put into consideration some
important aspects. People did not agree on issues on abortion. There were several options, and
more people choose issues that idealized with their parties
Discussion Question

The discussion question will read as follows.
Is the United States a polarized and divided country on partisan levels?


Canon, D. T., Coleman, J. J., & Mayer, K. R. (2006). The Enduring Debate: Classic and
Contemporary Readings in American Politics. WW Norton & Company Inc

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