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Effects of Human Resource practices on employee performance

�Effects of Human Resource practices on employee performance�.

The insolence and behaviors are determined by the significant forces of the human
resource practices and policies (Kehoe et al, 2013). It is vital for the human resource
management to maintain the employment relations.
Problem statement

To what extent will the various human resource promotion practices impact the perceived
employees’ performance? Studies conducted by the different researchers have indicated that the
practices by the human resource management have some active and crucial relationship to the
performance of the workers in the various workplaces. The many organizations and companies
have become spellbound on the effective human resource practices that will lead to the job
performances of the employees that are resourceful in nature (Alfes et al, 2013). There are
various practices carried out by the human resource organizations that lead to the improved job
performance and the job satisfaction leading to the high rate of production at the workplaces
(Kehoe et al, 2013). The proper supervisory support offered by the human resource management,
the motivation, development strategies and also training in a positive working environment are
some of the practices that promote job performance in the firms.
Purpose statement
The study will mainly focus on the various highly rated human resource strategies and
practices that will lead to the improvement of the employee’s job performances. The purpose and
primary aim of the study will be to investigate and measure the impact of the highlighted factors
influencing the job performance of the workers. The study will measure the effects of motivation
practices such as job promotions and improved incentives on the increased and better job
performance of employees. The impact of the development and training strategies will also be
researched upon in the study (Bratton et al, 2012). The impact of the work environment will also
be explored to highlight some of the strategies that will lead to the positive work environment
that favors the roles performed by employees in the organizations (Jiang et al, 2012). The
purpose of the study will also focus on some of the poor human resource practices that lead to
reduced or low job performance resulting from factors such as poor management. In a nutshell,

the perception of the practices conducted by the human resource will impact the performance of
the many companies or organizations.


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