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Global interconnection

write an executive summary


 write an executive summary base on the interview and essay that i upload. there are six interview in total

so please go through all the doc and write an executive summary

Executive Summary
The globe has been condensed into one a small space through various processes. This means that
one can travel extensively from one place to another for social satisfaction or for other life
fulfilling purposes. This has been powered by the global interconnection by the World Wide


Web. This apparent global interconnection has led to the desire to transhumanist to different
parts of the globe through air. Research has established that the type of agency is determined by
a plethora of factors such as the technology savvy, past experiences, product availability,
convenience and comparative strengths. Efficient travel agencies should conform to the desires
of the clients such as offering decency and make vivid locale destination places and bookings.
Different clients prefer different agency types when travelling (Cheyne & Downer, 2015p 45-
71). Some go for traditional travelling agencies whilst others choose the traditional travelling
agencies. This is brought about by security concerns, complexity issues and whether one needs
personal assistance. Ecommerce has also been influential in the bokings trends. Ecommerce has
forced considerable number of clients to go for the online bookings for travelling. This is
because it is easy to use, easily accessible in the sense that an individual can do bookings at the
comfort of his house, offers incentives for those who have loyalty , have product value and are
always convenient as one can run market survey about the prices in the travel industry.
Currently, many organizations have turned to transacting with the support of online platforms.
This is as a result of the numerous benefits that technological advancements’ impact have given
the business world. Furthermore, online bookings present numerous destination points and one
does not need to have a physical travelling agent to get the desired service. Online travelling
agent is suitable for students due to its ability to offer online platform to compare prices.
Traditional travelling agents on the other hand do not offer the platform to compare on different
prices. This means that booking trends go as per the presented rates. It is only the travelling
agents who choose for their clients an arrangement that may be biased. Despite its shortcomings,
this method is still helpful for those who are not technologically savvy, as the travel agents
always assists their clients in making their decisions and present opportunity for any doubts


about travelling means. Travelling agents should however utilize the two methods of bookings.
This is important in order to fulfill the desires of each party in the travel and bookings
transactions. Integration of traditional and online bookings in the travel industry proves to be
absolute important as it helps the company grow its returns, enhance customer satisfaction and
help business growth. This report therefore endeavors to discuss the importance of an integrated
approach on bookings. The purpose of this report is to highlight various aspects of bookings and
the benefits of having an integrated system of bookings. Additionally, the factors surrounding
booking systems are also discussed in a deep way. To make it better, the report focuses on the
implications of an integrated system of booking on marketing and how it influences customer
decisions on promoting loyalty due to continuous customer satisfaction. The observations of
clients regarding booking systems are also highlighted in this report. Additionally, the opinions
of various stakeholders are well presented to the consumers of this report. It is worth noting that
various inputs from diverse quarters are also presented in this report.



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