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Various strategies that are adopted in the learning process

Based on the reading from the text (Carey, 2014) which I will attach chapters 1 – 5, develop a tool
to explain learning theory to your students (middle school, grades 6-8) and/or their parents. Make the

writing accessible to the age/audience you are addressing.

You have several choices to make in this assignment:

  1. Identify your focus audience�students of a particular age or parents.
  2. Create a welcome letter, handout, or brochure for parents explaining how learning theory is informing

your pedagogy for the year.

Your final assignment submission should include:

� A short explanation of what you have created and why you chose to make that particular tool (this can

be a short, 1-page paper separate from the actual product)
� The actual product you will use with students or parents

WEEK 2 2

There are various strategies that are adopted in the learning process which is compared to
the several types of practices implemented in a class setting. Learning should be fun and
engaging in nature. In accordance to Benedict, most learning instincts are said to be misplaced
and flat wrong. The detractors from learning such as sleeping, interruptions, and distractions
which might be common among learners can work in someone’s favor and also make learning
more efficient (Carey, 2014). In this paper, a brochure would be prepared with the focus
audience being the parents. The brochure would explain the learning theory to the parents and
how to help their children succeed in school by offering the necessary support.
BROCHURE: Explanation of Learning Theory and Helping Your Child Succeed in School
It is important for every parent or guardian to show interest and full commitment to their
children’s success. The commitment would be seen by being able to spark the enthusiasm of the
students and showing them that is it is beneficial to learn. The parents can actively participate in
the students learning activities by interacting with the teachers of the students and also assisting
them in school work such as homework assignments. Understanding the learning theory is
essential for parents that are focused on helping their children achieve their goals and the
academic standards.

Tips for the Parents

Some of the primary initiatives adopted by the parents in enhancing the better learning
strategies include;

WEEK 2 3
Encouraging Your Child to Read: It is important for the parents to ensure that they
encourage the students to learn by offering the maximum support e.g. ensuring that the reading
materials at home are adequate. The parents should ensure that they inculcate good reading
habits at home rather than practices such as memorizing information and cramming where facts
are learned with no context thus making it be painful and annoying rather than being fun (Carey,
Talk with the Student: It would be essential for the parents to communicate with their
children since listening and speaking are major learning aspects. In this case, the students would
pick up the language skills necessary in school which is required in learning. There might be
challenges while shaping the communication skills which should not hinder the success as
productive failure is essential in the learning process (Carey, 2014). Identifying the problems
while communicating would be essential in the generation of ideas to solve the problems.
Encouraging students to work independently: The students should be made aware that
they take responsibility for their learning actions at home. The parents would be required to
encourage independent studying where students would be required to space out their study time
which would help students retain whatever they learn for longer durations which are a better way
of learning.
Encouraging Active Learning: Active learning encouraged in students helps them take
part in other activities such as sports and school plays rather than just reading books. It also
entails trying the alternate way of learning before giving up on the new puzzle to be solved. The
plays can be effective ways for the students to learn about a difficult subject. The parents should
encourage breaks from learning e.g. playing video games before going back to study which
allows for incubation of the child’s brain through interruptions and distractions (Carey, 2014).

WEEK 2 4

Helping the Students with Test-Taking and Solving Problems:
It is essential for the parents to help the children at home in solving school problems and
reducing anxiety when faced with difficult situations. The parents should encourage the students
Plan the school work ahead to avoid poor learning behaviors such as cramming whenever
they have tests a day before the tests in school.
The parents should encourage enough rest and break from studies e.g. through sleeping
before the test day.
The students should be encouraged not to be afraid of failure during tests as it is a bridge
to success.
The information in this brochure is essential in explaining the learning theory to the
parents who help them in influencing the right learning strategies and success of their children in

Reason for Choosing the Brochure Tool

There are various reasons that inspired me to create a brochure as a tool for explaining
learning theory to the parents which would be essential for students in learning in one way or the
other. The brochure tool would easily be distributed to the target audience who are the parents.
The brochure tool is also versatile since it can be mailed to the parents or easily handed out at
different locations where they can be accessed. The brochure would also be used in a wide

WEEK 2 5
variety of ways in case they are needed for another audience in future. The brochure tool would
also be efficient in providing the wide sought information about the learning theory to the target
audience who are the parents. In this case, selection of the brochure tool for explaining learning
theory would be efficient.

WEEK 2 6


Carey, B. (2014). How we learn: The Surprising Truth about When, Where, and Why It
Happens. Publishers Weekly, 261(20), 58.

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