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values, virtues, and/or morals.

From your reading, create a 1-page book review that addresses the following:

Describe the situation with enough detail to convey the basic plot and identified values, virtues, and/or


Identify the aspects of character education clearly communicated through the text. What content of

character education would be well taught with this text?

Identify the character-based issue(s) with which the protagonist had to grapple.

Include an appropriate explanation of how to implement this book into the curriculum OR classroom or


The presentation of this literal work by Patty Lovell is refreshing, inspiring and timely.
The narrative is presented in very simple language yet is enjoyable to read by readers of all ages.
The protagonist presented here is able at the end of the book to find acceptance in her new school
through her self-acceptance and self-confidence.
The book starts in her old school and neighborhood, giving us her background through
the continuous encouragement of her mother. A portrait is drawn of who Molly is such as her
short stature, (just slightly taller than her dog), her ungainly physical appearance (she had buck
teeth) and her clumsiness (she was fumble fingered).The voice of her grandmother resonates in
the background affirming and reinforcing the values of self- belief and confidence. Her
grandmother continually drills into her belief system that virtue of “belief in yourself”, which
will prove invaluable when she relocates in her new school.
The new school brings challenges of dealing with the school bully and tyrant by the name
Ronald Durkin. On the first day at school, Durkin calls her “shrimp” while in gym class, trying
to bully and embarrass. Molly turns the table on Durkin by passing through his legs and scoring a
touch- down, much to the chagrin of Durkin, who is left looking foolish. Further attempts by
Durkin on days two to five all end in failure, while Molly is increasingly accepted by her new
The lesson that can be taught in the classroom to students is the affirmation of self-
confidence which must begin from within so as to affect change on the outside. You cannot act
brave and confident on the outside if you feel stressed and helpless on the inside (Jenny
Alexander, 2015). The virtue of confidence should be affirmed continuously beginning from the



Alexander, J. (2015). Bullies, Bigmouths and So-called friends. New York, NY: Hachette
Children’s Group.

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