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The Green Restaurant Statement of cashflows

The Green Restaurant Statement of cashflows

need help with Preparing a SCF for The Green Restaurant.Here is the number for the statement of cash
Net Income �
Depreciation �
Decrease in Accounts Receivables �
Increase in Inventory �
Decrease in Accounts Payable �
Purchased Equipment �
Payment of Long-Term Debt �
Purchase of Investments �
Statement of Cash Flow�

Preparing an SCF is an important step in budget development because it helps managers to forecast the
future budget on the basis of operating, investing, and financing activities. Use the information given in
the table below to prepare an SCF for The Green Restaurant for the current year. When preparing the
SCF be sure to determine whether the amounts are a source or uses of cash; and the appropriate section
of the SCF the amount belongs to, either: operating, investing, or financing.



The Green Restaurant Statement of cashflows

$ $

Cash flow from operating activities
Net income

Add back depreciation 15,000
Less Decrease in Accounts Receivables 10,000
Less Increase in Inventory 3,000
Less Decrease in Accounts Payable 16,500
Net cash from operating activities


Cash flow from investing activities
Purchased Equipment 35,000
Purchase of Investments 60,000
Net cash used in operating activities 95,000
Cash flow from financing activities
Payment of Long-Term Debt 25,000
Net cash used in financing activities 25,000
Net increase/decrease in cash -18,200

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