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Succession Planning at CapraTek

Succession Planning at CapraTek – Week 9

In the CapraTek: Succession Planning simulation, you identified the three best candidates for the plant
manager position, interviewed each candidate, and selected your top choice. For this assignment, you will

create a career development plan for the candidate you chose.

Assignment Instructions

Write an analysis of your experience and results, addressing the following:
� Articulate why you selected the candidates you chose to interview for this position.
� Analyze why you chose the candidate you decided to hire for this position.
� Develop a career development plan for your chosen candidate, based on your practice with the

CapraTek simulation.


Succession Planning at CapraTek – Week 9

Succession plan is important for any business to help them avoid inconveniences. This
planning ought to start early to ensure that events and activities flow smoothly. This paper aims
to develop a career development plan for selected candidate to take up the position of manager in
CapraTek Company. It as well provides reasons for selecting candidates selected for interview,
and provides an analysis for choosing the candidate hired.
Reasons for selecting candidates selected for interview
In organizations such as CapraTek, changes are deemed to occur. Some of these changes
require immediate course of action as opposed to others. The current plant manager is destined to
retire in less than two years and this will leave vacant position of an assistant plant manager as
Mark Cranston is promoted to the position. The vacancy left requires an individual that has the
requisite skills and experience to fill the same. According to Tichy (2014), It is important for
organizations to have a clear plan on its succession strategy to ensure continuity and success.
Succession sometimes may be problematic and even cause negative implications to an entity.
The process of succession should be done right and should not merely be selection of names to
fill the position. One of the most important things to do is to engage all the stakeholders fully
(Hall & Hagen, 2014). They must be part of the process to ensure selection of the right
candidate. Potential candidates require serious scrutiny and assessment to determine their
capability to take up the position. The scrutiny may require hiring of an external manager to take
up the position as is the case at CapraTek. The third important consideration is to carry out a


stress test and simulation to determine indeed whether the candidate has the skills and the ability
to take the organization to the next level even in absence of the CEO (Tichy (2014). The last
point of consideration is acknowledging that the successor needs to recover from mistakes and
have the heart and willingness to learn (Barbour, 2014). The successors require mentors and
conducive working environment as preparation for the bigger task.
To ensure smooth transition, it is important to start early preparations to identify the
right candidate to fill the position that will be left vacant (Sims, 2014). Selection and recruitment
is the first stage. The recruitment panel has to carry out an assessment to determine whether there
was any suitable person within the organization for the position. However, there was no suitable
candidate and this necessitated consideration of an external recruitment. Through the process of
recruitment, three candidates emerged to be the best and therefore were invited for an interview
to take up the position. A number of reasons were considered and these three met the threshold.
The three have enough experience in working in companies that deal with similar technologies
that Capra Tek is dealing in. There leadership have been tested for many years and was
recommended. All of them have managed to transform their companies and driven them to grow
and become successful. For instance, one of the candidate selected managed to achieve 80
percent growth rate in the company he used to work within a period of two years. The company
had stagnated, hence was not making profits and the investors were now getting discouraged and
withholding their investments. The three candidates as well exemplified qualities of leadership.
Their communication skills and social skills were astounding. The level of intelligence was also
astonishing, hence; they emerged to be the potential candidates that would help Capra Tek
achieve its goals even as it embarked on expansion initiatives as part of its diversification
initiatives. The candidates’ competencies were assessed using multiple tools and even their


personality assessed using Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (Mattone, 2013). The results indicated
the three candidates fit for the position. The qualities and qualifications of the three therefore
matched the requirements of the position, hence contributing to their selection.
Analysis for choosing the candidate hired
The position however, required one manager and therefore, further scrutiny was done to
find the most qualified person to take the position. One candidate emerged the best after further
evaluation of their suitability. One of the reasons that promoted or contributed to hiring of this
candidate was his style of management and leadership. The candidate style of management
rhymes with that of Capra Tek. Hence, was not going to be hard for him to acquaint himself with
the systems of operation. The candidate, as well gets along well with other stakeholders. In this
company, stakeholders play a key role and are valued. Someone that will be able to create a
conducive environment for all stakeholders will therefore stand higher chances of achieving
goals. Involving others in key decision reduces the resistance level towards change and as well
contributes to teamwork. The culture of the organization is hinged on innovation and to achieve
this, people must be involved in key decision-making processes.
Other reason that guided the selection of this candidate is his previous performance rate.
He was the only candidate that has recorded consistence performance record. He had opportunity
to work in different companies and all this companies he left a legacy that many other people
admire and remember. Therefore, his consistency in his performance as documented in his
performance reviews as well as his appraisal makes him outstanding candidates to take the
company to the next level.
Career development plan for candidate selected


Career development plan is a framework that provides guidance regarding ones career
planning (Furbish, 2013). Every individual has to have a plan on what they wish to achieve in
their careers. The goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, and reliable and time bound
(Furbish, 2013). It is important to understand the exact thing that you are trying to accomplish.
One should also be in a position to know whether the goals have been achieved through
assessment and measurement. The goals should be reliable and the actions to take known. The
goals as well require a specific timeframe to achieve (Mattone, 2013).
The candidate currently holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from
University of Harvard. He also holds a degree in Engineering from Boston University. He has
wide array of skills and knowledge in management having held managerial positions in various
organizations for more than 10 years. The candidate as well has vast skills in leadership that has
contributed to his success in the organizations that he has worked.
The candidate has as well diverse knowledge in wireless technologies, having worked in
a technology company for duration of 5 years. The experience he holds therefore, matches the
job description, something that makes him the best for this position.
Despite these achievements, the candidate has not yet achieved all his goals and visions.
He is still working hard to become the best manager across the world. This is his long-term goal.
The short-term unattained goal is to train on cross culture. This will allow him to understand
people diversity and global environment when interacting with people across the globe. The
other long-term goal is to pursue a Doctorate degree in Business Management to advance his
knowledge in the business management. The candidate believe that in-depth knowledge in
business coupled with his already experience will enable him execute his duties diligently.


Achieving these goals is yet another important question that one ought to ask him/herself.
The candidate has clear about the strategies that will enable him to achieve the goals. He will
have to utilize online learning opportunities to pursue courses on cross culture. He also plans to
undertake evening classes to accomplish his career goals of acquiring a doctorate degree. This
however, will require proper time management to be in a position to manage his managerial
duties in the company as well as his personal ambitions.
To be among the best managers across the world, is something that will be determined by
his performance in the current job. Therefore, working hard and applying suitable management
strategies will be key to achieve these dreams.
It is important to note that, it may not be easy to achieve these goals solely. He will
require other people and resources to facilitate their accomplishment. The candidate has his
savings as well as company sponsorship that will aid him to achieve his career objectives. He
also plans to learn and share with other executives, colleagues, and experts to improve his skills
and knowledge base in management.
It is evident that success plan is critical to ensure better transition. Organizations that
have put in place appropriate procedures on filling of vacancies experience smooth transition and
vice versa. It is also important for entities to ensure that they adopt suitable recruitment and
selection procedures to attract the right candidates for their organizations. Career development
planning as well is important to help provide insights on the future plans of candidates. Every
person should have a career development plan to ensure success in his or her future endeavors.



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