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Job satisfaction


Job satisfaction plays a big role in company productivity. For many years
companies provide different kinds of motivation in order to maintain the employee
morale so as to increase the job satisfaction in employee circles. Locke’s (1976) range of
affect job satisfaction model is one of the most popular job satisfaction models. The
theory states that the degree that one attaches to a particular facet of work determines
the job satisfaction that one derives from the position. For example the importance that
an employee attaches to job independence determines the rate of satisfaction the

employee attaches to autonomy.

Job satisfaction refers to how content one is from his or her job. Several models
have been used to define job satisfaction. Researchers have been able over the years to
determine that job satisfaction varies with the natural extent that employee feels.
For this qualitative research can be undertaken by direct observation. This is because
qualitative research deals with the in-depth detail that is rich in details. It also reveals the
thoughts and motives of the respondents. Observation focuses more on the identification
of issues through observation instead of estimating the extent of the behavior.
The target population is the working class. This group is mostly between the ages of 25 –
50 years. This group can be targeted easily by placing the research assistants in strategic
locations like the roads leading to such business firms or factories. The participants can
be identified and chosen randomly.

Problem Statement

US Job Satisfaction Hits a 22 year lowest (Pepitone, 2010).
Less than 50% of all employed Americans are unsatisfied with their employers and are
always on the lookout for new jobs. The report by the consumer research center confirms
that desire improvement in work conditions and increased vacation, job satisfaction rates
have continued to decline. The workers below 25yrs were the unhappy.
The problem is that despite regular cash bonuses, the company business is still declining.
The research is going to focus on the behaviors and attitudes of employees working on in
areas without job satisfaction against those working in areas of with higher job
satisfaction. Their productivity and general behavior would be monitored and compared.

The questions to be asked are 1) How much productivity is affected by job
satisfaction. 2) Ho. Job satisfaction affects the performance of employees and eventually
the productivity of the company.
H1: Low rates of job satisfaction leads to high employee turnover.
The above hypothesis can be tested by several designs. The research can be undertaken
by the use of observation or depth interviews.
The data collection method that can be applied directly is the observation method of
collecting data.
By observing the number of employees reporting to work every morning against
the production achieved together with the different application of motivation while also
observing its effect on productivity.
The research can also assists in answering such questions that border on the
behavior and reaction of respondents to motivation. The reaction of the participants to

different kinds of motivation factors. For example, the reaction of participants to either
extrinsic or intrinsic motivation should be investigated.
Purpose of the Research

The qualitative research undertaken would assist in the search of the information
that would prove if a relationship between productivity and job satisfaction exists. The
effect of employee satisfaction on production would be investigated. The qualitative
method adopted by the company and the research methods that would be utilized to
indicate if the relationship exists and if it can influence job satisfaction in both the
material company as well as in other companies.
These methods are consistent with the earlier methods of collecting data but refer
to qualitative methods. This method is consistent with qualitative methods of collecting
data. The alternative methods include the use of focus groups, ethnographic research and
picture collages (Choudhury & Friedman, 2015).
To ensure that the results of the research are of high quality and that they are reliable, all
the information and all the resources used must be verified while all the calculations and
formula’s used must also be validated. The error percentages must be established using
degrees of freedom while to validate the data, all the total points should balance with the
number of questions on the questionnaires together with the respondents answer. The
data would then be processed by computer packages such SPSS or QRS. The processed
information would finally reveal the level of satisfaction that employees would consider
when increasing their productivity or reducing it. The limitations of the research are
restricted to statistical significance tests while the major users or audiences for the

research findings are strategic managers, directors, managers and financial planners (A
publication Journal, 2013).
To analyze the data, the results would have to assign in five groups. The physical
behavior of the participants must be noted and the design will involve pre-written
observatory responses that will also contain a scale that will make it easier to analyze the
data using statistical methods. For example, the observation would have five standard
answers each with different strengths. For example, the first response would be “very
excited” with five points while the next would be “average” with four points followed by
“not excited”, Sad and very sad with 3 points, 2 points and 1 point respectively (Gill &
Johnson, 2010).
The target audiences are the human resource managers, company directors,
researchers, students and the government agents in the labor ministry.

Purpose Statement

The research method to be adopted is qualitative research as it would involve the
gathering of information that could determine the relationship between job satisfaction
and productivity. The research design that has been adopted is qualitative research. It’s a
case study that involves qualitative data gathering and correlating the influence of job
satisfaction to productivity. The general population is from 25 years to 5o years. The
study is restricted to the Northern states in the US (Hair et al, 2015).

Research Question

The questions to be asked; How much productivity is affected by job satisfaction.
Ho. Job satisfaction affects the performance of employees and eventually the productivity
of the company.
H1: Low rates of job satisfaction leads to high employee turnover.
Significance of the Study

The study is significant to business because it would assist the management to
make an analysis of the effect of lack of job satisfaction. The study would be useful as the
working conditions and terms would be definitely improved if the company is interested
increasing its productivity and profits

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