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Social Media

Social Media

For the following questions, the company is Houston Methodist.

  1. Question: What is Houston Methodist�s approach and values associated with social media?
  1. Question: What is Houston Methodist�s goal for social media presence?
    Answer: APA formatted with in-text citation (150-200 word
  1. Question: How does Houston Methodist use social media compared to its competitors?
  1. Question: How should success of social media presence be measured?
    Answer: APA formatted with in-text citation (150-200 words)
  1. Question: How might social media use present ethical problems for Houston Methodist?
  1. Question: What is one way that demographics, global presence or diversity might impact Houston


Social media is one important aspect of business. It has been able to create platforms
that enable businesses to perform better. This coursework focuses on approaches to
social media for Huston Methodist. Houston Methodist’s use of social media in
comparison with competitors is also highlighted among other factors.

  1. Houston Methodist’s approach and values that are associated with social media
    involve empirically identifying the consumer attitude towards social media
    advertisements that are based on demographics. Houston Methodist recognizes the
    importance of social media by taking the hospital into the digital world. Therefore the
    hospital can understand the full potential of leveraging the community benefit
    programs and patient engagement in a certain way even before the advent of the
    internet (Angelle, 2011). Houston Methodist implements and manages informed
    decisions that define the professional use of social media despite the current trends.
    The hospital centralizes social media messaging so that everyone is not only
    following the same guideline but also supporting the mission of the hospital. The
    social programs created by the Houston Methodist are integrated within the
    framework of the communications and marketing strategies of the hospital. The
    hospital runs effective marketing programs that can be adapted for social media
    through the use of digital media advertisements to enhance and promote services
    within the hospital.
    Credibility: Yes I trust this information.
  2. Houston Methodist’s goal for social media presence is to raise awareness of their
    brand. It is because customers have to be aware of the services provided by the
    hospital and therefore interact with them on social media sites. Their goal is also to

create loyal visitors who visit the site frequently. Houston Methodist can know and
understand the direct relationship between social activities and sales. Houston
Methodist enhances public relations by engaging and responding to customer service
requests over social media (Richter, 2014). The process of solving problems quickly
through social media enables the creation of brand loyalty of the hospital. The
hospital’s goal is to build the community of advocates by providing platforms
whereby the brand loyalty is shared with thousands of people in real time. Houston
Methodist leverages social media marketing towards the growth of their business
through the creation of their brand awareness, finding new customers and engaging
them appropriately.
Credibility: Yes I trust this information.

  1. Houston Methodist differentiates themselves from their competitors by been special
    and unique. The hospital differentiates itself by having a diverse medical staff. The
    medical hospital introduces video series on its Facebook fans to medical students and
    doctors who overcome every odd to get where they are therefore giving inspiration to
    their patients. Houston Methodist recognizes exceptional service by ensuring that
    their patients give powerful testimonies on social media (Dizon, 2012). Houston
    Methodist provides photo series pairs of the hospital staff with the word from patients
    who provide a description of how they went above and beyond to make a more
    pleasant experience at the hospital. Every shares and comment made on the social
    media by Houston Methodist tend to emphasize the way patients appreciate their care.
    Houston Methodist steps up by opening more accounts on social media hence taking
    advantage of the growing platforms to engage and reach more audience. By doing so,
    they gain a competitive advantage over their competitors.
    Credibility: Yes I trust this information.


  1. The success of social media presence is measured through comprehensive analytics
    services that help track user activities in the real time of the website. Houston
    Methodist tracks its follower growth. They do so by determining the total count of
    followers, fans and the number of page likes which represent the people who have
    taken an interest in their business. It ideally shows that the content shared and the way
    the hospital engages needs to be enticing to attract more followers (Trainor, 2014). On
    the Facebook page of Houston Methodist, they monitor their total number of likes and
    followers gained within a designated time. They monitor the reactions of the
    audience. On Twitter, the hospital views the trends and statistics for their followers
    through Twitter analytics. It is important to track the number of likes and reactions for
    the posts. It involves by gauging the reaction of the audience towards the content they
    share therefore determining whether the audience is interested in what they are
    currently publishing on social media.
    Credibility: Yes I trust this information.
  2. The ethical problem that may be presented at Houston Methodist is posting
    unprofessional content that tends to reflect unfavorably on the patients. The doctors
    may convey certain information about a particular patient through social media sites
    that would eventually damage the professional image. Certain ethical perceptions can
    be based according to the unprofessionalism which includes violating the privacy of
    the patient. Houston Methodist can be presented with ethical problems of breaching
    the privacy of the patient. Therefore it creates concerns about the use of social media
    for negative repercussions that result from violating confidentiality (Crane, 2016). It,
    therefore, lead to legal action against the doctors at Houston Methodist. Houston
    Methodist has to be aware that the consent of the patient is very critical when using

social media. The hospital has to seek the consent and permission of the patient even
before posting their details online so as to ensure that they are ethical to their patients.
Credibility: Yes I trust this information.

  1. Social media engagement and usage is on the rise while the adaptation of other
    platforms holds steady. Houston Methodist uses social media to ensure that the health
    care workforce is well equipped to meet the needs and requirements of the growing
    and aging population. The increasing number of older adults who join the social
    media sites is rapidly increasing (Todd, 2014). Young adults keep on using Facebook
    at higher rates. Also, women are still using Facebook at higher rates than men
    whereby there are about 83% of female internet users and 75% male internet users on
    Facebook. Houston Methodist uses social media to usher in new health care reforms
    and health systems. All they need is to advertise their health reforms on the social
    media such as Facebook video series to help patients address their medical care.
    Houston Methodist has to tap into social media to ensure that there is health care
    coordination to be able to manage the aging cohort.
    Credibility: Yes I trust this information.
    Every business should embrace social media as an important pillar of its growth.
    Leadership of all organizations should ensure that the best social media related
    provisions are put in place. This is necessary for the purpose of thrusting a business
    into excellent performance.

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