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Spiritual Growth Plan

Spiritual Growth Plan 1
Complete the following parts for Spiritual Growth Plan 1. This assignment must total 1000�1250 words
and must follow current Turabian formatting.

Spiritual discipline practice
Spiritual disciplines have been around for a millennium, but only a smaller number of
Christians value and exercise them thoroughly. Nevertheless, it is essential for Christians to
practice the spiritual disciplines daily in order to live a strong Christian divine life and spiritually
mature. Furthermore, there is no other way a Christian can always live closer to God, prevail
over the pressure of the World we live in, be receptive to the Holy Spirit and daily live the divine
life that God needs every individual to live other than firmly following the spiritual disciplines. 1
Spiritual disciplines being essential in my godliness pursuit I plan to incorporate two
spiritual disciplines into my daily life. The spiritual disciplines that I desire to integrate include
journaling and scripture intake. Moreover, I would create a plan that would facilitate
incorporation of these disciplines into my life in order to build the spiritual disciplines into a
routine practice in my life as I pursue godliness. 2
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Journaling is one of the most valuable spiritual disciplines that a Christian can carry out.
The discipline involves recording personal insights and reflections of what God is doing to you.
This discipline of writing my personal meditations and reflections for preservation and
consideration will assist in my endeavor of pursuing godliness as well as building my
spirituality. My plan of incorporating journaling in my daily life includes keeping track of the
blessings that God has granted to me over the years and currently. Moreover, I aim to write down
five things that I am thankful for each day, which would assist in growing my attitude of
gratitude. 3
Conversely, scripture intake is essential in individual spiritual growth since without
scripture reading it is hard for a Christian to develop an understanding of God and draw closer to
Him. Therefore, in order to include the spiritual discipline as a routine practice in my life I would
spent quiet moment each day unhurriedly reading, absorbing, and reflecting on the words of the
scripture and letting the Holy Spirit to communicate to me through my perception. Moreover, I
would attend more Bible study sessions during the weekends to get an opportunity of discussing,
sharing, and reflecting the scripture with other church members. 4
Battling temptations
Battling temptations is a crucial component of each Christian since they often face
temptations on a daily basis. The temptations that I regularly face and strive to overcome include
overuse of electronic and social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, television, and video
games. The social media provides a cool medium to connect with new friends and people around
us who we have not spoken to in several years. Conversely, watching television enable people to
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be aware of what is happening on other parts of the world. Connecting with friends through
social media and watching television is a valuable thing, but the problem is because I spent a lot
of time on them rather than applying the spiritual disciplines in my life. The common causes that
lead me to the overuse of social media includes the satisfaction that I get after connecting with
friends and the need to be up to date on what is happening or trending in the social world.
Nevertheless, I have identified some ways that would assist me to overcome these temptations.
Since I have decided to utilize some evening hours applying the journaling and scripture intake
spiritual disciplines, I will only connect with friends on social media and watch television after I
have completed exercising my spiritual disciplines. Furthermore, I will try to limit the time I use
on social media so that I can get time to apply other spiritual disciplines including prayer that
will facilitate my spiritual growth and my holiness pursuit. 5
Guarding against blind spots
Guarding against blind spots is an important component to Christians since through
building the fences individuals are able to protect themselves from falling into future temptation.
In my case, I plan to build a fence of being flexible and effortless on unleashing practices and
inhibitions that have an influence on my spiritual life. The blind spot of stubborn resistance has
had a significant influence on my divine life as well as my godliness pursuit. Furthermore, the
blind spot was responsible of aggravating several things in my life and hurting those around me.
Flexibility and easiness on unleashing practices and inhibitions would be the ideal fence of
protecting me from falling into the same temptation in future. The fence will help me to be open-
minded and consider that I have a problem, which would be a noteworthy step towards guarding
against future blind spots and temptations. 6

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On the other hand, in order to protect myself from temptations of not exercising my
spiritual disciplines I would create a proper fence of not going to sleep before I have completed
the journaling and scripture intake disciplines. This moral fence will be vital in ensuring that I
overcome any temptation of not exercising my spiritual disciplines. 7


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