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Service Center Company

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I need an essay in the following subject:

What are the special issues facing public sector organizations like the Highways Agency when it comes to

designing and implementing a business improvement strategy?

What special issues would need to be faced by your company or another you know well? Explain with


1) The answer must raise appropriate critical questions.
2) Do include all your references, as per the Harvard Referencing System,

3) Please don�t use Wikipedia web site.
4) I need examples from peer reviewed articles or researches.
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Special Issues in the Design and Implementation of Business Improvement Strategy:

A Case Study of 24-7 Service Centre Company

The design and implementation of business improve strategies is not always an easy task
for many public sector organisations.There are certain critical issues that they must face and
meet failure to which their business could be at stake. Strategic planning is core in the fight for
space in the ever competitive business market and this is why some organizations do better and
keep on improving day by day than others. This case study focuses on the 24-7 Support Service,
which a social service company based in Leicester City. There are quite a number of issues that
this company has strived to put into consideration whenever a new business improvement plan is
designed and implemented. Such issues are as discussed below.
More often than not, the design and implementation of any new business improvement
strategy calls for certain expertise. It therefore forces a company to source for personnel with
specific skills that are commensurate with that particular area of improvement. According to
Rasha & Fady (2013), human resource is a bank of ideas and knowledge and this is why a
company that invests on it must always be successful because it has the capacity for creativity
and innovativeness. 24-7 Support Service had wanted to advance its calls and rescue services. To
do this, they had to acquire more IT personnel to improve the call system as well as medics and
guards to aid in rescue operations.In addition to acquiring personnel from external sources, they
also opted to train the existing ones as a way of improving their capacity.The issue of expertise



therefore ought not to be taken for granted during any business development plan for any

When coming up with a new business strategy, a company must first a foremost
formulate an assessment method. Assessment is very crucial because it makes a company to
know a particular area in their business that needs adjustment or improvement. It creates a sense
of objectivity before any strategy is designed or adopted. Needs assessment in a company will
enable the identification of various loopholes that might exist and therefore determines the
corrective measure to be taken by the company (Seedee, 2012). This corrective measure must
always be captured in a business improvement strategy.For instance, in the case of 24-7 Service
Centre, assessment helped in knowing the minor details on what resources they needed, in what
proportions and when should this to be effected.
Performance improve
As indicated by Harris, McAdam, McCausland & Reid (2013), it is only logical for a
company to design strategies that will ultimately improve its business performance when
implemented. Performance improvement is an aspect of the overall business improvement
strategy. It has a direct bearing on the speed at which quality services are offered to clients. 24-7
Support Service had intended to increase the number of clients it serves every day. During the
implementation of this new strategy, they had noticed a sharp increase in the number of clients
served both during the day and at night and this was a plus on their side.
Customer satisfaction



Another key issue in business improvement is the focus on customers given that they are
the determinants of the success or failure of a company. It is the interest of any company to be
able to impress there customers with the kind of services and products that they offer because
this will keep them coming over and over again. In addition, they could also influence other new
customers to come and this will only happen in the event that they have achieved customer
satisfaction (Harris et al., 2013). The betterment of call and rescue services at 24-7 Service
Centre was able to enhance the satisfaction of their clients and this has made the company to
become one of the leading social service centres within Leicester and its environs. The company
is also well aware that it could be so costly to get new clients than to retain the existing ones and
hence, they made customer satisfaction a very important aspect of their business improvement
The manner in which information is passed among the management, the employees and
other stakeholders of company is also very critical during the formulation and implementation of
a business strategy. It has been identified that the most successful approaches of communication
in business are either bottom up or top down (Seedee, 2012). The effective flow of information
in an organisation should always follow a particular order of hierarchy to avoid confusion or
misinformation. This is because an organisation is a system made up of several organs and not an
individual who can do or say anything at will. The success of 24-7 Service Centre is attributed to
the fact that there was smooth flow of information and ideas from the management to the team
players and vice versa.



The study on 24-7 Service Centre has identified very critical issues about strategic
planning in businesses. All these issues are dependent on one another and whenever one is
jeopardised, the remaining ones may not be effectively achieved given that they all form part of a

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