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Security Policies and Implementation Issues

Security Policies and Implementation Issues

Research and find the details of a computer / IT Incident Response Team. Compare their requirements to
what was outlined in Chapter 12. Write a 300 word (about two paragraphs) commentary on what you


Security Policies and Implementation Issues

An incident response team adequately prepares a response to any emergency, which may
include business interruptions or natural disasters. A computer emergency response team, experts

Running Head: Security Policies and Implementation Issues 2
with vast computer knowledge, handles computer security issues, risks, and incidents. Private
entities, organizations and government operations all depend on computers in their day-to-day
business operations, and they risk substantial losses in the event of occurrence of computer
vulnerabilities and insecurities during their operations. These organizations stand to lose valuable
data and sensitive documents which could be corrupted or even land into unwanted hands. The
organizations and enterprises utilize the services of computer emergency response team
organizations, which come up with standard policies to oversee and implement them by using
adequate steps to resolve cyber security incidents. CERTS and CSIRT are some of the examples
of incident response team (Guttman et al., 1995).  
Thread response is a structured requirement where computer emergency response team
tends to search for the origin of the cyber security incident, they evaluate this using past
occurrence of cyber insecurity threats while according to chapter 12 IRT’s responses team use
various categories that assess threat levels such as Malicious code, Denial of services,
Unauthorized access, and inappropriate usage. Asset response is also a requirement that
primarily focuses on the financial impact of a cyber security threat to an organization it may have
a cascading effect on both the internal and external stakeholders, while in chapter 12 an incident
report support services is a broad category to mean any team that supports organization’s
information technology that helps customers during the incident (West-Brown et al., 1998).
Intelligence support is also a requirement that is required by the CERTS. CERT and
CSIRT also consider affected entities and are fully aware of what the law requires in the process
of working on cyber security threats, and this helps in classification of incidents while in chapter
12 a response team develops a classification system that meets legal and regulatory obligations
(West-Brown et al., 1998).


Running Head: Security Policies and Implementation Issues 3
Guttman, B., Roback, E., (1995).  An Introduction to Computer Security: the NIST Handbook.

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