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Project-Based Extra Ordinary Organizations

Project-Based Extra Ordinary Organizations

In a 2 page word documents minimum, respond to the point listed below. The writer must clearly
elaborate on the 4 main points indicated in the questions giving detail explanations with supported
evidence from pear review articles.

Project-Based, Extraordinary Organizations

Now what? You have explored some new and extraordinary ways of looking at leadership and
management. You have learned that some very prevalent ways of managing people and organizations
are often counterproductive. Hopefully, you have also learned that most people are capable of creativity
and innovation, given the right tools and environment. Now, it is time to tie it all together to create a
project-based, extraordinary organization.


Project-Based Extra Ordinary Organizations 2

Ordinary denotes normal, one that meets the expected standards and one that is just ok.
With ordinary, there is no emphasis of putting more effort to be different or to think out of the
box. Extra-ordinary denotes the exact opposite of ordinary. It involves putting a lot of effort in
order to stand out and be unique. There is creativity which ensures that is normal is modified so
that it becomes outstanding (Hjorth, 2010). Similarly, organizations are classified into two main
categories namely ordinary and extra ordinary organizations. Both of these categories have
succinct traits upon which they are identified and classified.
Contrast of Ordinary and Extra-Ordinary Organizations
Ordinary organizations toe the line when it comes to performance of the industry. They
are up to the standards expected in the sector. For such organizations, it is sufficient to meet the
required standards (Buijis, 2010). They are satisfied with the number of clientele visiting their
store. They will not come with a new strategy to attract new clientele. When there is an optimal
dynamic shift in the industry, they may opt to remain behind or they will be laggards in adopting
the changes. They are ok with the status ok and are often afraid of changes.
Extra-ordinary organizations are never satisfied with the current status quo. They always
want better, are aware of the unforeseen dynamism which is likely to change direction of things
and are always prepared. Creativity reigns supreme in such organizations. They are always
thinking of the next best way to get more clients on board. They are always seeking to keep up
with the trends while coming with something for the clients to remain interested in their
products. They move with technological trends and multiple strategies of ensuring that they
remain relevant in the market.

Project-Based Extra Ordinary Organizations 3

Guidelines for creating a project-based, extraordinary organization
Project-based organizations as the name suggests are more based on specific projects
both short-term and long term. These organizations can be contrasted from non-project based
whose activities can be described as blanket with no defined end term. Project-based
organization work on a project and upon its completion they move on to the next.
In order to successfully come up with extraordinary organization which is project-based,
it is imperative to identify a viable project (Huemann, 2016). Some projects can be difficult to
break through as compared. Secondly, it is necessary to bring on board people with a similar
interest and whose competence can help to propel the projects forward. The nature of the sector
must also be monitored from time to time to remain in tandem with current trends.
Flexibility is also key in order to successfully come up with such an organization. This is
because the period of some of the projects is fairly short. As such, the organization must be
flexible enough to accommodate new projects (Pinto, 2011). Such flexibility has seen
organizations grow in leaps and bounds setting them aside from ordinary organization.
Five Key actions
Creativity is inevitable in order to succeed. One must depart from doing what everybody
is doing and get more creative unique. Flexibility also plays a crucial role in allowing for
achievability of set goals (Cattani, 2011). Teamwork is also necessary while putting into
considerations all thoughts and ideas of all group members. The internals assets of an

Project-Based Extra Ordinary Organizations 4

organization are its employees while the external assets are the customers. This realization is also
crucial in building an extra-ordinary project based organization (Koman, 2015).


Project-Based Extra Ordinary Organizations 5

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