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Human Resource

Human Resource

It is imperative in every organization for line managers and human resource managers to
work closely and in tandem. This is because, both of these parties have similar end goal which is
the achievement of projected goals of the organization. In working together, their jobs become
somewhat intertwined so that they are able to harmonize all the functions that fall in both their
departments. Further, line managers gain proficiency in some of the functions of human
resources (Boxal 2015). This means that they can take up some of the functions which allow
human resource managers to concentrate on strategic human resource management. There are
various ways in which human resources managers and line managers can work together. This
discussion explores some of the possible ways.


Staffing of Various Departments
This is one area of collaboration that line and human resource managers can work
together. Ideally, the role of staffing rests with human resource managers. However, the input of
line managers is required so that they may select personnel with the right skills and experience
for the job (Carbery 2013). The two managers must work in hand in hand and use their expertise
to ensure that the candidates recruited are fit for the receptive position.
Focusing on the future of an organization encompasses laying down well down strategies.
This cannot be done by line managers solely although the duty lies more on them. The input of
HR Managers comes in handy very often. This is because the key determinant to the success of
any organization is its employees. As such, the two managers must strategize to see how best
they can improve their workforce, leading to the success of the organization (Burke 2016).
Resolution of Workplace Conflict
Once in a while, occurrence of conflict at the workplace is likely. The conflict may be
among employees or between an employee and a senior member of staff. All matters regarding
employee welfare ought to be referred to the human resource manager Mello 2014. However,
when conflicts arise, line managers must work together with human resources managers to
resolve the dispute. This is because, line managers know the employees working under them
better than the HR manager (Armstrong 2010). As such, line managers can offer some advice to
the HR manager which could help to quickly and amicably resolve the conflict.
Employee Performance


For employees to keep up with expected performance and productivity, it is imperative
that they are taken through training from time to time. This helps to increase their knowledge and
experience making them more resourceful. The human resource department takes up the role of
organizing employee training and development forums. However, they need the input and help
of line managers. Every line managers is well aware of the knowledge and information gaps that
exist in their department (Ulrich 2013). They therefore play a crucial role in helping HR
managers in organizing relevant training sessions.
In most organizations, various departments tend to run independently. However, it has
come to the realization of scholars that in order for optimal performance in organizations to be
achieved, interlink is crucial. Departments within an organization are more of a life cycle where
each organ of the body requires all others so as to function. Although the HR and the line
managers can choose to work independently, best results are achieved when both work
harmoniously and in tandem.




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