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People and Statistics

People and Statistics

Remember that in additional to statistical controls, there needs to be organizational controls to make sure
that the customer and people are part of the equation. If one wants to avoid any errors, then one should
seek to do nothing because only then can one be free of errors. However, since reverse logistics is about
people as much as analysis, one needs to consider what kind of people need to balance out the statistics

and analysis that we have discussed so far.

Organizational Control


In any organization, there is a critical need to consider the customers as well as the
people working in that organization for a maximum profit of the organization. Organizational
control entails the companies’ stipulated rules and standards, which will help the employees, to
control their actions to attain the set vision of the company. Organizational control methods can
be categorized as either formal or informal.
Formal control procedures consist of documented rules and regulations, which are put
into place by the heads of an organization while informal rules are the predictable or standards
rules, which every person knows. These control practices in any organization are essential
because they provide sufficient information to the employees on their behavior and conduct.
Organization trust is essential for any company. This can be in between the managers and the
employees. This can be achieved by a regular assessment of either if the company attains their
set goals or whether the employees adhere to the conduct principles set by the company (Sihag,
& Rijsdijk, (2016).

Also, employees have a significant role to play in control procedures. These can be done in a
case in which employees should be able to note recurring problems and risks and offer the
relevant solution to the problem by using the set rules of the organization. Also, by putting into
place, a feedback communication channel in an organization will ensure that there is
coordination between the employees and the managers to ensure that the set goals of the
organization are met. In conclusion, a communication channel will help the employees to get a
better understanding of what is expected of them to ensure effectiveness in their active



In any organization, there is a need for better communication as well as a trust to ensure
that the goals of that organization are met. This will help in ensuring a maximum profit and a
good relationship among the workers, which will help them to work as a team.




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