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Green Energy Sources

Green Energy Sources

This week we are discussing the cost and benefits of green logistics to include alternative fuel usage.

Argue for why you agree or disagree with using alternative fuels.

Green Energy Sources


In our day-to-day life, there are different sources of energy, which are used to generate
power. Different technologies have been used to generate energy, but none has been able to meet
the world demand for electricity. The generated electricity is sent to the required destination by
the use of high-powered lines. Energy sources can be widely classified into two major
categories; that is, green energy sources and non-renewable energy sources. Green energy is a
type of energy which comes from natural sources, and hence they are naturally restored, such
energy sources include; wind, rain, sunlight, plants and ocean tides. Non-renewable sources
come from sources, which are exhaustible and cannot be replenished in the lifetime. Such
sources include coal, petroleum and natural gas. Advancement in green energy technology has
led to the replacement of non-renewable sources since green energy is clean to the environment
and its sources can be replaced, unlike non-renewable energy, which is costly because its sources
are exhaustible.

Types of green energy

Advancement in technology has led to the discovery of cheap, reliable and non-polluting
green energy sources. These green sources constitute:

Solar power

Solar power is an inexpensive source of energy, as it requires the use of the available
sunlight, which is trapped, by the use of solar panels.it is generated by the use of photovoltaic
cells, which capture direct sunrays and convert it into electricity. Solar power is beneficial and
cheap, as it requires the use of solar panels, which are cheap and readily available. Besides, solar


power requires low maintenance cost, and it does not pollute the environment (Han, & Ansari,

Wind power

Moving air on the earth surface can be used to turn turbines, which then rotates a shaft
over a magnetic field hence producing electricity. Unlike coal, which pollutes the environment
wind, power is very beneficial, as it does not pollute the environment. In the job sector, wind
power has also created job opportunities as engineers can work like wind turbine technicians.
Also, wind power is cost effective, as it requires the minimal initial cost.


This is power generated by fast falling water. Hydropower depends on high rainfall to
produce significant amounts of power. Hydropower requires the construction of reservoirs,
which is very beneficial to the community. These reservoirs can be used to control floods during
times of heavy rainfall. Large dams constructed for hydropower are used as a significant source
of income as they are mainly used for fishing and also as tourist attraction sites (Newbery, 2016).
The initial cost of implementation of a hydropower plant is comparatively low .in addition
hydropower is a clean source of energy as it does not pollute the environment.

Geothermal energy

The earth’s crust consists of a significant amount of thermal energy, which is caused by
radioactive decay of minerals. This energy forms hot springs that are used for bathing more so by
the tourists, therefore creating recreational sites. Geothermal energy is a renewable source of


energy as it is not exhaustible because water used to generate steam can be pumped back to the
earth crust. The cost required to run as well as maintenance is relatively low as the raw material
are available by nature.

For any country, energy is a basic necessity in our daily life. As a result, cheap, clean and readily
available sources of energy are of great significance. Green energy sources, as discussed above
have more advantages than fuel since fuel is exhaustible and a great pollutant to the environment.
The advancement of green energy technology can reduce the dominant emission of carbon
monoxide by replacing fuel in the power generation sector. To decrease the cost of generation of
power, it is necessary to develop and make good use of the available green energy sources. In
conclusion, green energy sources are more advantageous than fossil or fuel sources, and
therefore I recommend them for use.




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