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Marketing Opportunities

Identify, Evaluate Marketing Opportunities

Read the assigned article by C. Marvin Pate, �Genesis 1�3: Creation and Adam in Context,� Criswell
Theological Review 10 (2013): 3�25 (available thru the ATLA database). After you have read the article,

answer the following 3 questions:

  1. Explain your interpretation of the creation account in Genesis 1. Do you read this as an account of a
    literal six-day creation or do you hold to another interpretation? What specific details or evidences most
    influence your understanding of this text and your belief that the text should be read literally or

figuratively? (300�400 words)

  1. What is your view on the age of the universe, and do you believe that the data in Genesis 1�11 can

be reconciled with an old Earth view? Why or why not? (200 word minimum)


  1. What evidence shapes your view on the issue of the historicity of Adam and Eve? Explain your
    understanding of the theological significance and importance of this issue. (200 word minimum)

Interact with specific details and issues raised in the assigned article as you answer each of these
questions. You are also free to interact with other sources. Cite sources that you reference or quote, and
your answers must be your own work. Be sure that your reply engages specific issues, questions, or

passages related to the thread.

Idea generations

  1. Electrical gadgets for monitoring
  2. Digital wheelchair/special wheel chair
  3. Special cars
  4. Special motor bikes or bicycles
    Electrical gadgets for monitoring health are commonly used by many and are assembled by
    different companies therefore they are already in the market. Special wheelchair or digital
    wheelchair, most disabled people use wheelchair and they apply force to move, adding or
    assembling digital start up or button for them to move, it will be very effective and efficient. It
    means that, the idea is vulnerable since the market has not been fully amortized by these

wheelchairs. Special cars and motor bikes/bicycles also are highly demanded in different market
segmentation. Due to increased standard of living, many disabled people want to drive and also
have an easy and efficient way of alighting the car. In addition, most of them want to ride bikes,
therefore coming up with simple special bikes for them; we can increase our market share.
Short listed ideas
Digital wheelchair; young population that are disabled and also the aging population that are also
disable, may have little force to push the normal wheelchair for them to move. For this reason,
proving or coming up with a digital wheelchair, where the disable people have to press to move,
it will be efficient and effective for them to loco mote. This idea will ease their work
performance, therefore many will demand for them and due to high demand, more will be
supplied hence the company market share and competitive position will increase and finally the
company will make a lot of profit, (CHOUINARD, HALL, & WILTON, 2010).
Special cars/bikes/ bicycles; many disabled people have different living standard and also the
needs differ. For this reason, coming up with special cars, bikes and bicycles that are efficient for
them to operate, they will make them feel recognized and well known in the society since they
can enjoy same preferences with people with no disability. In return, they will purchase more of
the cars, bikes, bicycles so as not to feel inferior and this will be of profit to the company,



KOHLBACHER, F., & HERSTATT, C. (2011). The silver market phenomenon marketing and innovation in
the aging society.

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