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Assessing Resources

Assessing Resources

Identify and assess all resources available to this population. Include the strengths and weaknesses of
the resources.�

Provide evidence to support your assessment and discussion points. �
This is Prince Georges County. Please two pages with APA Format and college grammar and due in 5


Assessing Resources

Different states have different resources available to their people. These resources are
important as they enhance the living standards of the residents. This paper deliberates on the
resources available to the population of Prince George County. This is one of the counties of the
Maryland state in the USA that borders Washington D.C. The county population estimate by the
year 2010 was at 863, 420 people, making it second in terms of population density in the
Maryland state (Prince George County, 2015).
Like any other county in the USA, Prince George County has an array of resources that
support the people. These resources include, hospitals, learning institutions, transportation
infrastructure, recreational facilities, highways, child centers, worshiping places, shopping
malls, industries, and companies that offer employment to the people among many others.
The country has invested in education hence, has established enough learning institutions
to provide learning services to its people. In the county, more than 86 percent of the people that
are aged above 25 years have attained high school education or high level of education. More
than 30 percent of the people above the age of 25 years are graduates holding either a bachelor or
professional degree (Prince George County, 2015). This is therefore an indication of the value
the country has placed on education. This is therefore, strength because when people are
educated, the level of poverty reduces because they can easily gain employment or create new
The county as well is religious as it has a presence of more than 800 churches. It also has
Buddhist and Hindu temples, synagogues, and mosques. These churches cover 14 square
kilometers of land. This is a very important resource because it has helped to alleviate the morals


of the people. Incidences of crime in the country are low compared to other counties hence,
The county as well, has various organizations and business that contribute to the
economic development. Businesses as well provide employment to the population hence, helping
improve their living standards. Examples of major employers include organizations such as
United Parcel Service, Verizon, Giant, and Marriott International among many others (Prince
George County, 2015).
The county is also endowed with superb transportation services. The county has quite a
number of major highways that facilitate transportation. The county as well has various bus
services and heavy rail passenger service that service booth the county and outside the county.
The strength of this resource is that it has also put into consideration people with disabilities such
as handicapped. These people have a regional MetroAccess para-transit system that caters for the
handicapped people in the county.
The country has as well recreation and other youth services that population utilizes. The
county has five star hotels and recreational locations that people visit to relax and take some rest
from their daily hassles. Tourists’ sites are also available. Tourists use ferries for easier
movement (Tuss, 2008). The county has as well various sports grounds that nurture youth’s
talents. The county was ranked among the prospective counties in the basketball talent pool.
The county as well has hospitals that offer various health care services to the population.
Health is a fundamental human right that people should not be denied. The county has made
efforts to ensure that these health facilities are well resources and equipped to provide high
quality services. The weaknesses in this sector is laxity and poor provision of child and women


centered services in some of the facilities hence, affecting the health outcomes of some people
(Prince George County, 2015).
The county in nutshell has vast resources available to its population. The quality of life
of people is good because of these resources. People have an opportunity to pursue their studies
because of availability of adequate learning institutions; they have better transport services,
health care and recreational services among others.



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