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Integrating Technology Resources

Explore at least ten resources (software or online) that incorporate technology in your lessons and help
ELLs to process information and develop deep understanding of your content. In a word-processed
document, share how you could integrate some of these resources (at least five) and explain how they
will help to meet your objectives.
Objective :

  1. LAFS.4.RL.1.2 The student will determine the theme of a story, drama, or poem from details in the text;
    and will be able to summarize the text.
  2. LAFS.4.RL.1.3 The student will describe in depth a character, setting, or event in a story or drama,
    drawing on specific details in the text (e.g., a character�s thoughts, words, or actions).


Integrating Technology Resources to Help ELL’s to Process Information
In order to integrate technology resources and determine the manner in which these
elements can meet the learning objectives detailed, it is essential to consider that teachers need to
establish efficient systems that would enable ELL to develop their language efficiently (Billings
& Mathison, 2011). In order to achieve conversational fluency among the learners, it is
significant that a functional level is acquired within a period of two years of the learner’s
exposure to the second language.
However, in order to integrate technological resources in helping the ELL in processing
information, the inclusion of a multimedia technology that incorporates videos and pictures
would be efficient in a lesson, an aspect that would allow the teachers to enable the students
identify some of the contextual cues in establishing the theme of the story provides and
summarizing the details of the story (Billings & Mathison, 2011). In addition to this, the learners
may be introduced to an interactive whiteboard that presents a multimedia lesson, an aspect that
enables the ELL learners to equally participate in the learning process. This resource therefore
improves the student’s content readiness, thus improving their understanding of the story.
On the other hand, the teachers may resort to the integration of document cameras would
enable the learners to find ease during learning since this resource enables the students to project
the images of the story on a whiteboard, thus allowing the learners to make notes and establish
the significant events displayed in the story(Billings & Mathison, 2011). Alternatively, the
learners may incorporate the use of Microsoft Photo Story 3.1 that is a user friendly program
allowing the learners to get voice narrations of the story, an aspect that improves the student’s
oral language in establishing the thoughts, words and actions of the characters in the story.

Lastly, the teachers may also resort to the use of discussion boards that allow the students
to be actively engaged in social English outside the class setting (Billings & Mathison, 2011).
This resource would encourage collaboration among the ELL students, an aspect that enables
them to engage in experiential learning thus aiding in the achievement of the studies objectives.



Billings, E.S., & Mathison, C. (2011). I get to use an iPod in school? Using technology-based
Advance organizers to support the academic success of English learners. Journal of
Science Education & Technology, 21, 494-503.

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