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Implementing a successful project


This is Project Management course. Please can you notify me the chosen project the writer want to
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Table of Contents
Implementing a successful project3
Background to the Dubai canal construction 4
Proven Methods and Tools 6
Risk Management 7
Project Closure 7
Conclusion 8
References …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………9


To have performance measures that will allow a project manager be in a position to recognize
the level of success they have attained in a project, they have to know what exactly project
success is. ((Dennis, 2017) viewed project success as being judged by the degree at which
objectives in that said project have been met and also the perception that the stakeholders
have the value of what was delivered. Lim and Mohamed, 1999 in Criteria of Project Success
look at projects where some stakeholders will perceive success and others will not on the
same project.


Implementing a successful project

In determining factors that are critical to the success or failure of a project, (Daniel, 2017,)
talk of working with a group. Critical success factors according to; those related to the
project, those compared to the project manager and the team members, those about the
organization and those associated with the external environment (Bayiley, Teklu, 2016, 573).
One of the main things that one would look at in regards to having a project turn out to be
successful is having a talented project manager for project managers ultimately responsible
for delivering successful projects (Dennis, 2017). Other important factors, however,
contribute to the outcome of a project. A project manager should be in a position to come up
with ways that will lead to the success of a particular project and as well implement those
strategies in the form of the project at hand. The essay will seek to answer questions like
what factors lead to project management success. What factors lead to a successful project?
And what factors are critical to the specifics of the project?

Background to the Dubai canal construction

According to Tarek Abdullah Hussein Barakat in his thesis “A Hybrid of Communication and
Information Management in Mega Construction Projects in Dubai Using a New Critical
Success Factor Approach For the infrastructure Development in Dubai” states that Sheikh
Rashid utilized oil revenues discovered in 1966 for the development of the infrastructure in
Dubai. The pace that the construction took was frenetic. Schools, hospitals, roads and modern
telecommunications network were being built among many others. Dubai’s strategy for
development was to provide visionary leadership, high-quality infrastructure and an
expatriate- friendly environment among many others advantages. As a result, Dubai became a
business and tourism hub for the region. Despite this vast construction revolution that
brought Dubai a lot of benefits, it has not been without problems. In the Official Monthly
Magazine of Dubai’s RTA Issue No. 102 (2016) states that, in 2016, Dubai had ‘The Dubai
Canal’ officially opened. Due to the massive nature of the project and the challenges it had

yet occur during construction, it was split into five contracts which in return brought out the
successful outcome of the Dubai Canal project. Such a massive issue, therefore, leads us to
look at the critical factors that influence to a successful project by focusing on factors
affecting the success of a project (Erin, 2017, 123).

Factors critical to successful management of a project.

In looking at factors critical to successful management of a project, we get to explain issues
that lead to the success of a project manager as well as determinants of a successful project. It
is also necessary to understand the key elements critical to the success of any project there is
(Erin, 2017, 123) explains factors a project manager should look at to ensure the outcome is
a successful project. These factors are as follows;
Business Case

This is the justification for the project that should provide the expected benefits that should
come with the project (Dennis, 2015, 135). One should make sure that they have a high
business case that everyone can understand with a high level of support.

Planning and Effective Governance

The various project managers assigned to it meticulously planned the Dubai Canal Project.
Planning takes a lot of time because once the plan is entirely in place; the implementation of
the project is smooth. The excellent preparation of the Dubai Canal Project brought various
benefits such as:
The project manager always had their project documented in regards to milestones and
deliverables. The timescale set up was valid and realistic hence deadlines and deliverables set
for the project were met. A warning system was set up that provided visibility of the tasks to
be undertaken ahead. Planning kept the project manager, and their teams focused on
everything that needed to be done as well as the progress of the project. Spalek, (2005) says,
having all that it takes in a grand plan is not all that it takes, the real key is the ability to use

the power plan to manage progress and communicate effectively as the project is in

Capable sponsors

Having a team of sponsors that has ultimate responsibility for project delivery recognize their
responsibility and behave accordingly in regards to their duty. The Dubai Canal Project was
worth Dh2.7-billion which was a partnership between Meydan, Meraas and the Roads and
Transport Authority (RTA).A project that is not well funded is bound to fail or not get

An Aligned Supply Chain

For organizations that supply goods for the project know what they should provide, and the
timelines can make the project move forward successfully with minimal interferences.
Dubai Canal Project had five different contracts due to the massiveness of the project. Four
contractors and sixty subcontractors were hired to ensure the appropriate management of the
project and timely delivery of the necessary supplies on time.

Secure Funding

Having secured funding for the whole project and possible contingencies in place can help in
moving the project forward with fewer difficulties. The possibility of timely financing assists
in ensuring that the project runs smoothly. Having a budget that works is rare, but just like
the time factor, being able to work with client’s budget is a plus for the project manager.
Meraas is a Dubai-based holding company that deals in Real Estate while Meydan is based in
Dubai containing a series of hotels, spas, and a racecourse. Funding these projects was not a
problem for these two companies, as they are well-known investors. The partnership with
RTA means that these two groups are trustworthy and they would uphold the end of their
bargain and fund it. The Dubai Canal is an attraction to tourists involving the two would
benefit significantly from it (Foster, Rothery, 2016).
Team motivation

Once a project has a motivated team, they are sure that they have a reliable team that will
always go the extra mile to deliver on the project whether it’s on time or the set budget. In
(Factors in Project Success. For The Association for Project Management(APM), 2015)it is
stated that to have the team continuously motivated they should keep them motivated by
involving them throughout the project by planning various milestones that will make the team
feel that they are making progress. As a result, the team will be competent. Dubai Canal had
60 subcontractors, 4600 employees and was completed in a little over three years since its
inception. The idea to build a Dubai Canal brought together a lot of people to work on the
project hence the project saw a successful completion.
Proven Methods and Tools

BMG Research [Factors in Project Success] states that a project will be in the process having
a successful outcome when proven methods and tools in project management are applied to
manage the project. One of the proven ways that help Project Insight is being on time in
delivering the project. It is not easy to pull off, but if it works, it is an excellent feather in the
career of the project manager (Osorio, Quelhas and Zotes, 2014,). The Dubai Canal Project
was a 5-dimensional project comprising of an eight-lane bridge in each direction. The
massiveness of this project had to be built with a specific plan in mind (Duncan, 2017, 180).
Process management came through handy in this project, and hence it was completed in
record time.

Risk Management

An extensive research by (Small, Al Hamouri, 2017, 619) points out that, when it comes to
risks that can happen when a project is in progress, one is advised to produce a risk log with
an action plan to minimize each risk. Then they should get the client or the stakeholders of
the project aware of it, best done in writing. In the risk log, it is even more advisable when

the risk is stated and also what should be done if such a threat happened which will give not
only the project manager comfort but also the clients or stakeholders.

Project Closure

All projects that have a beginning must have an end to them. A project that has not been
closed continues to consume resources. At the end of the project, the project manager should
be firm and should agree with the client that the Critical Success Factors set out at the
beginning of the project have been met, the project has been delivered, tested, released, and
the client should be asked to sign the plan off (Hallman, 2017). In applying these factors to a
project, they will help a project manager avoid common problems that befall project
managers that work without a framework. Another overall key to proper project management
is excellent leadership and communication. Communication to even shareholders even if it is
bad news, bad news only gets worse the longer it is left uncommunicated (Inovoke, Tarek,


Therefore, the Dubai Water canal would not be standing today without implementing specific
measures that are designed to ensure the success of a project. Planning was the most
important in this project. After a successful plan was in place, the funding came through and
ensured that the project moved on according to plan. The excellent use of funds also saw the
completion of this project. Most projects usually are left hanging in case the resources are not
managed or dry out. The success of Dubai Canal is a case study for other potential projects
that want to succeed. The successful management of this project has brought in a lot of
tourists and revenue to Dubai as well as employing thousands of people.



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