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Data analysis


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In the data collection, the group used the closed structure questionnaire to obtain
responses from the respondents. The research instrument limited the researcher in exploring
the reasons the respondents chose a particular response. This would have been important in
answering the research questions conclusively. The other challenge encountered is ensuring
that all the respondents that volunteered for the research were able to complete all the
questions. Despite the constant reminder and follow-ups, 3% of the respondents failed to
respond to the questions.
The data collected based on the two research questions incorporated in the data
analysis were largely qualitative. The two research questions include: which are the most
effective forms of advertising? Whether American fast food is associated with a more
positive attitude of consumers if they start to expand their business in Australia.
The two questions used in the analysis cover the pertinent aspect in the market
penetration strategy. They provide Exclusive Inc. with a projected perception of the

consumers to their products and the competition present in the Australian market. This will
aid them in deciding the viability of the expansion approach to this market.
Furthermore, it does offer them a suitable channel to use to reach their target
customers in the case they enter the market. Besides, the selection of an advertisement
channel will enable the company to use their resources effectively. Exclusive Inc. can come
up with a budget that will cover their advertisement costs and effective strategies that will
ensure that they succeed in this endeavor.
The study made use of the descriptive statistical tool for analysis (Measures of central
tendency, percentages, and measures of dispersion) in the analysis of the responses (Black,
2016, p. 48). The median in the measures of central tendency determines the most suitable
advertisement that reaches out to the Australian market. On the other hand, in the measures of
dispersion, the standard deviation shows the variability present in the responses. Lastly, the
percentage shows the proportion of respondents who score in different variables concerning
Moreover, inferential statistics were also used to establish the independent and
dependent relationship concerning the attitude of consumers in Australia and the American
fast food chains. The correlation establishes the degree of associations between the two
variables. The correlation coefficient in this analysis will determine the strength of the
correlation between the variables. Moreover, it does describe the proportion of the variation
in the dependent variable that links to the regression of the independent variable (Black,
2016, p. 425). This will establish whether it is prudent for Exclusive Inc. to expand its
business into the Australian market.
Additionally, the sample collected was small due to the minimal time limit set for the
completion of the entire research. To get conclusive findings, the second inferential statistics

method used is the t-test. The t-test gives the range of values at different levels of
significance. In other words, the analysis will focus on determining whether the mean of
consumer attitude of the Australians to the American fast foods and the American companies
offering fast food in Australia are different statistically. In the analysis, if the t-value is
smaller than the tabular t, we can then conclude that the difference present in the two means
is even taking into consideration the variability (Black, 2016, p.316).
In conclusion, the descriptive and inferential statistics used in the data analysis will
facilitate conclusive and authentic findings. The findings will enable Exclusive Inc. to make
sound decisions about their market expansion into the Australian market.


Black, K. 2016. Business Statistics: For Contemporary Decision Making. 9th ed. Wiley


Appendix 1

Data analysis strategy
The data analysis plan will involve the use of SPSS (Statistical Package for Social
Sciences) to analysis and collect the primary data based on the research questions. The
analysis will involve the use of descriptive and inferential statistics. The descriptive analysis
focuses on using the measures of central tendency (mean, mode and median), measures of
dispersion (standard deviation and range) and finally percentage to analyze the data. On the
other hand, in the inferential statistics correlation and T-test will be used in the analysis of the
data present in the questionnaire concerning the research questions.

Appendix 2

Data analysis summary
Research Data collected Variables Measurement Statistical

question scale test
which is the
most effective
form of


Other News
YouTube ads,
Others indicated
by the

Ratio scale Descriptive

Whether an
American fast
food is
associated with
a more positive
attitude of
consumers if
they start to
expand their
business in


The attitude of
the Australian
consumers to
American Fast
food – Q12 in
The American
fast food
company in

Ratio scale Inferential

Australia? Australia-Q17
in the

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