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Human resource department

Whats the work of human resource department

The human resource department is charged with the responsibility of sourcing competent nurses
and other healthcare professionals to work at the institution.
The following are the important safety measures that the hospital has undertaken to ensure that
safety measures are strictly adhered to;


The hospital management has undertaken to maintain a record of all the safety mistakes that may
endanger the lives of patients like misdiagnosis, hands infection, medication errors, patients’
falls and other preventable conditions. The records are well maintained and the responsible
person is reprimanded or other alternative measures taken. The report is also forwarded to over
400 other senior management staff on a weekly basis (Paine, Sexton et al., 2010).

Safety bonuses

Human Resource  2
Most of the hospital compensation schemes are connected to safety measures. More than 30% of
the total bonuses are directly linked to safety. This concept provides extra incentive for the
hospital staff to take safety issues seriously and also to be more responsible.
Comprehensive Unit-Based Safety Program (CUSP)

The hospital has undertaken CUSP to develop custom safety procedures for all patients under its
care. The elaborate processes involve careful identification of any safety hazard that may harm a
patient and empowering the caregivers with safety solutions to mitigate any eventualities
concerning each patient (Lipitz-Snyderman, Steinwachs, 2011).
Yes. The following practices would make me feel safe and relaxed having the reassurance that
the healthcare providers are well trained in all the aspects concerning my health condition and
they have all the information concerning the health hazards that I may be susceptible to.
To conclude, all the necessary safety measures have already been taken care-off and the only
addition may be is to recruit staff members who have a passion for taking care of the sick as
most health care givers provide the services as part of their jobs only but in their hearts the love
of patients is lacking.

Human Resource  3
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Lipitz-Snyderman, A. Steinwachs, D. M. (2011) Needham et al., “Impact of a Statewide
Intensive Care Unit Quality Improvement Initiative on Hospital Mortality and Length of
Stay: Retrospective Comparative Analysis,” BMJ, January, 342:d219.

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