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HR responsibilities


�Reflect on how your view of HRM and the HR profession has changed. Then, �reflect forward� to the
future of HRM, and try to predict one or two new developments, trends or changes in the field that could
occur over the next five to ten years. Be creative, and do not allow current constraints in existing
technology or business practices to restrict your thinking.

�Think about what new skills or competencies might be needed by leaders with HR responsibilities in the
context of the changes you predict.

�Post a brief (approximately 550 words) analysis of how your view of HRM has changed and how the
profession might change in the future.

In formulating your post, consider the following questions:

�How has your view of HRM changed as a result of your learning in this module?

�How has the HR profession itself changed, and how is it likely to change in the coming five to ten

�What skills and competencies are likely to be needed by leaders with HR responsibilities in the context
of these possible developments?

Human resource managers are leaders in an organization who lead people in what ought
tobe done.Leaders are encouraged to be heart leaders to mean that they need to use their brains
and work form their hearts to give their best to the community(Francis, 2003).The HRM is
changing in the near future such that the newly changed HRM will perceive everyone in the
community as a leader who can do what is recommended of them in their work. The profession
will enhance the authority to act ensuring that all work is well done in the organization (Francis,
2003). The new HRM will give its professionals reinvigorated accountability, such that every
workers will be accountable for all that they will do (Farndale and Brewster, 2005). The new
HRM will by all means tackle the issue of globalization and diversity to ensure that the climate is
well conserved. The new HRM will be in a better position of ensuring that individuals are given
the chance to ensure that they try what they perceive to be workable and best to the organization.

The new HRM profession will encourage the spiritualism spirit and usage of self-knowledge
among the organization leaders in their work. The new HRM will connect people by the use of
the advanced technology all over the world, while aligning culture practices and good behavior
in the whole profession (Chen, 2011). The new profession will enable leaders to impact
favorably to the business performance. The professionals in this case will be in a better position
to give their best under the guidance of an activist and will be best in the contribution of the
customer focus business that is well strategized.The organizations will be made stronger through
using of the advanced technology evident in the new HRM while defining the context(Pritchard,
2010). The profession will comprise of the innovator in other words an integrator who can
integrate issues accordingly (Brauns, 2013). The change champion will be present to co-ordinate
all the changes taking place together with the capacity builder who will be mandated to ensure
that the profession meets its obligation. There will be a technology proponentin charge of all the
technological activities that are to take place.According to Ulrich, (2013) the main person will be
the credible activist who will co-ordinate all the activities of the organization in regard to the
There are several changes that have been taking place in the organization and are
inclusive of who the leaders are and what they can be able to do.Over the years, HRM are the
strategic partners who can lead people ahead all-time to the organizations success (Abu-Jarour,
2014). The changes that took place in the professional over the years are comprised of the
effectiveness step that was put in place to ensure that work is done in usage of the right insight
and personal impact. Changes were evident when HRM became strategic inits plans and
activities, when it became a partner in its work through ensuring that it remained a generalist in
all its activities.

My view about the profession has changed in that, I didn’t know if the profession is
bound to change only to realize it has very many strategic plans of bettering its functions.My
view has changed on the realization of the technological activities that are bound to take place
among leaders and this will improve the functionality of the profession. Therefore, the future
HRM will most likely cater for social, economic, and environmental aspect of their workforce.


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