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Exploration of an Integration Matrix


After your exploration of the Technology Integration Matrix
where would you place yourself on the Matrix? In 150 to 250 words, reflect on
your placement and explain what you could do to move to the next level. 

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Exploration of an Integration Matrix

Technology integration refers to the incorporation of technology resources and practices
into the everyday routine, jobs as well as schools management. These resources include
specialized software, computers and communication systems while practices refer to
communication, retrieval of data and internet-based research (Aviles, Piernas, & Gonzalez,
2014). While reflecting my knowledge and use of technology, I have realized that I have not yet
achieved the goals that have been set in this field of technology. Therefore, I have decided to
improvise methods and strategies that would help in achieving these goals.
During my research, I came up with the following methods that will help to move from
the authentic level to the next. Firstly, I have realized that it is essential to establish and identify
the advantages that are related to technology. This would be achieved by performing an
assessment then search for the most effective method in order to accomplish the need (Aviles,
Piernas, & Gonzalez, 2014). It is equally important to find out the main objectives and
assessments as well. The main purpose of this step is to equip me with the ways of evaluating the
effectiveness of my integration plan. The third method is to prepare the environment in which I
carry out my assessment in order to have accurate results after my research.
The most crucial method is to analyze the results of the assessment even after the whole
integration plan. In this strategy, it is important to analyze the objectives that have been realized
together with the diverse assessments that have been used and finally make a conclusion about
what has been achieved. The major key to an effective integration plan is the ability to change

the procedures with the change of technology. It is also crucial to note that analyzing results and
as well as revising the practices help in avoiding frustrations as result of failure.


Avilés-González, A., Piernas, J., & González-Férez, P. (2014). Scalable Metadata Management
Through OSD+ Devices. International Journal Of Parallel Programming, 42(1), 4-29.

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