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Managing Digital Devices and Carts in Classrooms Effectively


In 150 to 250 words, describe how you manage (or would manage) digital devices and a cart in your
classroom effectively to maximize learning. Provide specific details of your device management plan.

Managing Digital Devices and Carts in Classrooms Effectively

The management of carts and digital devices like iPods and computers can be an extremely
demanding job and time consuming as well. It also becomes intimidating for some teachers
particularly those who are not comfortable with the use of such devices in classrooms. It may
take time to develop the routine of using these digital devices but the moment it is established, it
works effectively and ensures maximum learning (Esquivias, Munoz, Acosta, Moreno, &

Navarro, 2016). The establishment of these routines requires the use of behavioral strategies like
reinforcement and repetition mostly in the beginning. This paper therefore seeks to analyze and
establish different methods of managing digital devices and carts in classrooms.
According to my point of view, it is important for the teacher to prepare effectively for the
lesson. An efficient lesson plan should keep a student involved to help minimize classroom
problems. The use of distinct tasks instead of huge projects helps the students to practice what
has already been taught (Avilés-González, Piernas, & González-Férez, 2014). The teacher should
also ensure that the devices are not used for the wrong purposes to avoid destruction in the
classrooms. I have also noticed that going through a technology lesson before presenting it helps
the teacher to have concrete information to pass to the learners. It is also crucial for a teacher to
consider having extra lessons in case technical problems are experienced during a lesson.
In my understanding, establishing a culture of effective use of those digital devices aids in
respecting the rules of the classroom as well as using the devices for the right purpose. This
means that students who uphold good conducts in their technology lessons should be praised
while those who break rules should be held accountable.


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