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ERP benefits.

ERP Systems

Read “Realizing Benefits ERP” article and discuss advantages and disadvantages of ERP systems

Write a summary of the ERP benefits.

ERP systems

ERP systems are associated with many pros and cons. Much of the benefits are
realized when different firms with different strategic objectives realize these benefits from the
adoption of ERP systems. One of the benefits of ERP systems is improved financial

performance immediately after implementation of ERP models. ERP systems are known to
bring about operational efficiency and productivity through automated transactions and better
decision-making. Another benefit is that ERP systems improve market performance through
improved customer service (Bradford & North Carolina State University, 2010). This is
affected by the use of operational support and inter-organizational systems and add-on
software for decision support (that is, advanced planning and scheduling (APS) systems such
as i2) and market information (that is, customer relationship management). The
infrastructural capabilities of ERP improves a firm’s operational efficiency ERP systems
reduce operational uncertainty by providing coordination, visibility and easy information
sharing where there is interdependence among business units.
ERP systems can also reduce equivocality through business process standardization
that aids to ensure information is presented in a consistent manner. Easy access to integrated,
precise and valid business data leads to better operational planning and decision support.
Integration of all these processes enables a company to have a competitive advantage over
rival firms. This is because ERP systems enable a company to have monopoly of the other
firms in production of good and services (Bradford & North Carolina State University, 2010).
More importantly, ERP systems are praised to bring about abnormal stock returns to firms.
However, some critics to ERP systems have pointed out the system is harmful. They argue
that the only experience in abnormal stock return is less significantly felt with manufacturing
firms, but not with ERP adopters. Many adopters of ERP systems have no positive return on
investment (ROI).



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use today’s advanced business systems. Raleigh, NC: North Carolina State University,
College of Management.

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