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Personal Worldview and Research Mindset in Business

Personal Worldview and Research Mindset in Business

Think about your educational experiences. How do you learn best?
Think about your information-gathering and investigation skills. How do you search out answers to
questions (e.g., about your health or as an informed consumer)?
Think about your interpersonal communication skills. How do you attempt to influence the behavior of
others (e.g., through persuasion or interpersonal negotiation)?
Think about your problem-solving skills. How do you approach challenges (personal or professional)?
Think about your self-identity. Describe your personal background and experiences, including your
cultural background and experiences.
Think about your professional persona. Describe your professional background and experiences
(education, work, etc).
Think about your self-identity and its relationship to your professional practice. How do you think your
personal, cultural, and professional experiences have influenced your personal beliefs, values, and
worldview? How have they influenced your professional interests and the way in which you will approach
and conduct research?
Think about how you would present yourself to others in an executive summary or �elevator pitch�

(wherein you only have the time that it takes to ride an elevator to present an idea to the person riding
with you). Based on the above information, summarize how you see the world in 3�5 sentences.

Based on this exercise, compose a statement reflecting your worldview for the benefit of your colleagues
and Instructor. The first part of your statement will include the last segment from the table above, edited
to remove any personal information you do not wish to share. The second part will explain how your
worldview aligns with the worldviews described in the course text, Research Design: Qualitative,
Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches. Your entire statement should be comprised of 2
paragraphs and range between 400�600 words.

Personal Worldview and Research Mindset in Business

Environment has influenced my way or perception of the world. Those who I interact
with, my teachers and strangers, have had so much impact in my life. My guiding factor is
ethics, which always directs my decisions in all aspects of my life.

Material A
Linking Theory to your Business Problem Statement
I. Phenomenon for Research – State the phenomenon that you intend to research in broad terms.
The effects of Human Resource Management Practices in an Organization

II. Your Problem Statement –
The typical Human Resource Management practices are staff recruitment and selection, training
and development, and compensation and Performance appraisal. These practices have been
found to be linked to the level of organizational performance. However, how these factors affect
organizational performance varies from one organization to another. Indeed, the literature
reviewed indicates that there is no uniformly acceptable standard on Human Resource
Management Practices effect on organizational performance (Abeysekera, 2007).
III. Your Problem Statement in a Worldview –
When making a decision on training organizational needs, one needs to first know what kind of
training and mode will add value to the organization, thus, on job or off job training. Only off-
the-job training improves performance. Effective training not only equips employees with most
of the knowledge and skills required to accomplish jobs, but it also helps achieve overall
organizational objectives by contributing to the satisfaction and productivity of the employees.
Employee compensation packages are a prerequisite for companies that want to attract and retain
high –caliber, skilled staff. Proper management of compensation is a good source of employee
motivation and a good source to measure organization performance. A well designed
compensation plan gives an organization a competitive advantage, it helps to attract the best job
candidates, motivates them to perform to their maximum potential, and retain them for long.
Performance appraisal also influences other HRMP such as recruitment and selection, training
and development, compensation and employee relation, and retention. As performance appraisal
leads to pay raise, promotion, and training, it is assumed that better performance appraisal can
have impact on organizational performance. Performance appraisal means evaluating an

employee’s current and/or past performance relative to his or her performance standards (Jike,
IV. Alignment of Research Methods –
The study will utilize descriptive research design, which aims to establish how the independent
variable relates with performance variables. This being a case study, the target population will be
215 permanent employees. Random sampling method will be used to select respondent of sample
size representing 39% of the population. Primary data will be collected through self-
administered questionnaire. Data will be analyzed using two levels of analysis: descriptive
statistics describing frequency distribution, mean and standard deviation; regression analysis,
which was used to establish the strength of the relationship between Human Resource
Management practices and Performance. The result of the study was expected to show the effect
of the independent variable studied on dependent variables (Bergh & Ketchen, 2009).


Reliability is the degree of consistency with which an instrument measures the attributes for
which it is designed. One type of questionnaire will be administered to the identified sample.
Ten employees will be identified representing the strata’s for pilot test of the questionnaire. This
will give the researcher an opportunity to identify flaws in understanding whether questions and
directions are clear to the subject. The main reason for testing the questionnaire is to ensure that
it fits as an instrument in the primary data collection process. Data collection bias will be
minimized by use of a trained research assistant who will administer the questionnaires, and
standardized conditions such as exhibit of similar personal attributes to all respondents. The
subjects will be requested not to write their names on the questionnaire to ensure confidentiality

The research questions are:
a) What are the effects of staff recruitment practice on CRF performance?
b) How does training and development affect CRF performance?
c) How does compensation affect staff performance at CRF?
d) What are the effects of staff performance appraisal practices to CRF performance?
e) How does HRMP affect Employee outcome?
f) Does the joint effect of HRMP and employee outcome affect CRF performance?


Abeysekera, R. (2007) The impact of Human Resource Management Practices on marketing
executive turnover of companies in Sri Lanka. Contemporary Management Research 3
Bergh, D. D., & Ketchen, D. J. (2009). Research methodology in strategy and management.
Bingley: Emerald Group Publishing Limited.
Jike, V. (2003). Organizational behavior and negative attitudes in Nigeria’s Public employment
sector. The Empirical Nexus. Abuja Manage Review 1:4

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