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Designing Training that WDesigning Training That Works

Designing Training that WDesigning Training That Works

Imagine that the organization for which you work has traditionally encouraged its employees to work
independently on project assignments. Now, because of a shortage of resources, individual contributors
will be asked to form teams to improve efficiency. You are tasked with designing a training program to

promote a teamwork environment.

Discuss what type of training environment is best suited to assist employees with developing a new
mindset that builds team spirit, morale, and support for success. Address the following in your post:

� What are some of the obstacles that might be encountered due to this environment shift?

� How will you design a training environment that minimizes these obstacles?

Diversity training is best suited to assist employees to build a mindset that promote
team spirit, morale, and support for success. Diverse training helps increase employees cultural
awareness, skills, and knowledge. Therefore, developing a focused, cohesive, team-oriented
workforce, and promoting teamwork in the workplace. The main purpose of a diversity training
program is to create a constructive work environment by assisting workers identify and put up
with differences among co-workers.
Some of the challenges of pulling diverse employees to work together as a team include
mistrust between employees, the difference in personality, and resistance to change. On the
same note, poor communication, bad leadership, absence and inability to resolve conflicts are
also problems teams encountered (Tohidi, 2011).
The following tactics can be employed when designing a training program for
teamwork environment in the workplace and minimize obstacles faced during team building
process. First, the program designed should be made actionable, visible, and fun. The training
program session should inject fun into team formation. The program should also encourage
sharing of information between the team members and explain why their teamwork effort is
paramount to the organization (Daft, 2012). The team leaders should also provide guidance
and strategic direction to the team member to share and provide solutions for the surrounding
challenges working as a team. Finally, team members should encourage and help people
experience their challenges positively.
In conclusion, teamwork is important for achieving efficiency and productivity in the
workplace. Therefore, managers and supervisors should develop training programs for
employees to form cohesive, focused and motivated employees who enjoy working as a team.

The training should be approached in a positive way so as to elicit any challenges and obstacles
that hinder teamwork and team formation in the workplace.



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