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Leadership Reflection Journal

Leadership Reflection Journal

Objective: Again, this week you will be required to submit a Leadership Reflection Journal, This week I
woud also like for you to compare and contrast management and leadership styles.

Purpose: This journal should be written in the first person and should be critically reflective. As such, you
will discuss the most important concepts that you have learned throughout the week and how those
concepts may be applied to your leadership career.

Assignment Description: Your Leadership Reflection Journal should exhibit personal reflection of your
present leadership competencies and also possible adjustments that could be made to your leadership
approach. Importantly, your Journal entry should be in light of the various concepts that have in covered
each week in the course. Also of importance, the Leadership Reflection Journal should be far beyond a
mere casual discussion. It should demonstrate a high level of understanding and should also provide
adequate integration of authoritative sources as assigned for reading each week.

For leadership to be effective leadership, there are certain traits that must be present. I
consider myself a leader and there are certain aspects that have continually propelled me to
become effective in my position.


Leadership Reflection Journal

One of them is motivation. Motivation as a trait is key in any leadership position. Unlike junior
staff who must be pushed, a leader must always be motivated to go that extra mile. Junior staff is
always looking up to their leader for guidance.
Expectancy theory argues that the outcome of an action is often the motivation. Leaders
must always ensure that they motivate the people under them in order to increase their
performance. In an organizational set-up, the leader can motivate the staff by rewarding them for
good performance.
As a leader, reinforcement theory makes a lot of sense. The argument is that people will
only pay attention to information that appears to resonate with their beliefs and attitudes. A
leader must be careful especially when introducing new changes within the organization. If the
change varies greatly from what the people already belief, it will be difficult to integrate the new
Goal setting theory notes that basic goals in an organizational set up play an important
role in propelling the organization forward. Lack of the most basic of goals may a reason for
employees to feel de-motivated. As leader, I must endeavor to ensure that employees have a
sense of direction. This can only be achieved only when the leader has come up with the basic
goals. This helps to outline, the past, present and most importantly, the future of the organization.
It is a source of guidance and helps the organization remain grounded and firm.


Jorgenson, O. (2010). A reflective planning journal for school leaders. New York: Corwin Press

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