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The outline body must have the following sections:

1.A definition of a good decision
2.Examples of a good decision

3.Synthesis of the previous research on good decisions that results in a general definition of good

decision making




Whether decisions are good or bad, their makers should be accountable for them.
Making the right conclusions should be a decision maker’s priority (Karelaia, 2014).
Whether the results are bad or good, decision-makers have to face the consequences of their
choices (The Marketing Society, 2015). There are always hindrances to making right decisions
(Pillay, 2014).
A good decision is usually the right answer to a particular question (Fox, 2014).
Decisions must not only be the right answers, but they should also be specific to the
questions they answer. Decisions are the driving power in organizations and managers cannot
avoid them (Mandelberg, 2015). Being at an informed position facilitates the making of a good
Examples of Good Decisions
Infosys’s decision in 1999 to let its local competitors excel is an example of a good
decision. It was hard for the company to determine the appropriateness of the move, but with
time, the decision made the Indian IT market competitive (Kaipa & Radjou, 2013).
Wendy Kopp’s decision to allow other people to run Teach for America initiative in
1999 serves as an example of a good decision. It was only after the founder had sacrificed his
role that the company realized its current economic status (Kaipa & Radjou, 2013).
Research Synthesis:


Carrying out decision-making on the basis of credible and nonbiased information leads to
the right decisions. The credibility of sources entails the truthfulness of the information they
provide (Myatt, 2012). For instance, people would make bad decisions if they face limitations
such as being under pressure (Zenger & Folkman, 2014).
In most cases, the effectiveness of the processes involved in decision making determine
the achievement of either good or bad decisions (McKinsey & Company, 2009). The outcomes
of decisions are vital to the determination of the appropriateness of choices. For instance, right
decisions in healthcare result in desirable patient outcomes (Lee & Emanuel, 2013).
Decisions are good if they are the right answers to the particular question. The ultimate
goal of decision-makers is to realize benefits regardless of periods they may take. At firsts,
decisions may appear what they are not. Decision-makers should be accountable for the
consequences of their decisions.



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