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Comments and Constructive Criticism

Comments and Constructive Criticism

For the two post, the writer will read them and them give a constructive criticism and feedback on each of
the post. For each of the article the writer will use a pear review article to support his comments. The
comments should be very constructive and directly link to the articles, underlining or highlighting the

points made in the articles.

Comments and Constructive Criticism

The article has extensively deliberated on the negatives of training as well as employee
satisfaction and motivation. Training is indeed one-way of equipping employs with requisite


skills and knowledge for them to remain productive. However, training sometimes can be
expensive and a negative aspect on the organization especially if the training is not adding value
to the organization (Bersin, 2014)). Training is as well expensive on the side o the organization
and therefore, it becomes importance to establish the need of the training before providing it. On
the job training is an option for many organization to reduce their budget and ensure that their
employees have the requisite skills (VanScheers & Botha, 2014). When it comes to employee
satisfaction and commitment, the article has as expansively deliberated on some of the causes of
this. Many factors indeed cause stress and dissatisfaction among employees such as gender and
work environment. Leadership as well contributes to stress among employees and this can be
managed if leaders play their roles well. I therefore find this article well written and referenced.
Ideas and views come from diverse sources hence, an indication of well-researched arguments. It
is therefore, prudent, that organizations prioritize their goals and have a clear understanding of
where they want to go. This will help them formulate appropriate policies to enable them come
up with policies to stir them forward.



Bersin, J. (2014, February 4). Spending on Corporate Training Soars: Employee Capabilities
Now A Priority. Retrieved from Forbes: Spending on Corporate Training Soars:
Employee Capabilities Now A Priority
VanScheers, L., & Botha, J. (2014). Analysing relationship between employee job satisfaction
and motivation. Journal of Business and Retail Management, 9(1), 98-109. Retrieved
from www.jbrmr.com
Article 2
Indeed accountability and corruption are major problems that many institutions and
entities face. It is the responsibility of every individual to remain accountable to his or her
actions. Furthermore, I do conquer with the article that accountability integrated a number of
disciplines such as performance management, control system, public administration, corruption,
and leadership. Leaders for instance, play a critical role in ensuring accountability in their
institutions. A transformational leader is able to create a good environment build on trust
(Balthazard, Waldman, Warren, 2009). Such leaders therefore, ensure that systems and controls
do not condone corrupt behaviors. I therefore, find the article articulate, clear and on the point.
The definition of accountability and corruption are expansive. Incorporating examples of
institutions such and Transparency International make the article more concrete (Ata & Arves,
2011; Cohen & Wright, 2010). Furthermore, the views are derived from multiple sources making
the arguments strong.



Ata, A.Y., &Arvas, M.A. (2011). Determinants of economic corruption: A cross country data
anaysis. International Journal of Business and Social Science. (2) 161-169
Balthazard, P.A., Waldman. D.A.,Warren, J.E. (2009). Predictors of the emergency of
transformational leadership in virtual decision teams. The Leadership Quarterly

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