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Community Services Work Experience: Personal Statement

Community Services Work Experience: Personal Statement

The reflective report is based on my work experience,,,, I am studying at college Diploma of community
I worked 3/4 places which is count as my work experiences… based on that,,, I have to write a work
reflective report to my portfolio and that i have to hand in to tutor who is in-charge of work experiences
I worked at hospital as a assistant in nursing for 3 years which is 1000 hour
I worked as a Residential support worker with agency about 800 hour
I worked as a Residential /Disablity support worker at Dipartment of Disablity and home care almost 3
years which about 2200 hour….
Now almost finish my Diploma which is September 2014…..
this is my history…. now on this basis I need to write my own reflective report in my portifolio


Community Services Work Experience: Personal Statement

“Success is the amount of small efforts, recurring, and repeated day in and day out.” This
is a powerful quote from author Robert Collier that encouraged me that my daily works in
community services will help me change the world. I cannot remember the exact date, but it can
I recall it was five years ago in August when I experienced the unexpected. I experienced one of
the worst feelings, a feeling of incompetence, of indescribable disbelief. I did not know that up to
then, some families could take a couple of days without food, they could not get the basic
medical services, but worse than all, that water was a secondary factor to them. This experience
was observed in a documentary from some African country (Lam, 2013). It was then that I
realized that providing various services to the community was not just my option but a priority so
that I could assist people who were subjected to such mortifying lifestyles. Therefore, I chose to
undertake community services course in college so that I could fulfill my dream and give back to
the suffering communities.
The ability to learn about something is the most important development of human
species; hence, by going under community services education, I knew I would be an excellent
provider to the people and the environment around me. The experience as a volunteer, as well as
my personality, compelled my desire to work for the suffering community and provide change
on a global scale. The feeling that I could bring very minimal change to develop the community
continued to haunt me, but I had one driving statement: “We learn by going where we have to
go.” Therefore, I had no other option but to reach my ultimate goal.
The fight to gain the experience, knowledge, and to assist the community started when I
worked at an hospital as an assistant nurse. Here, reality of life emerged; my illusion in life that

all people could afford basic medical services was long gone: I lived with that truth. As an
assistance nurse, I got different stories from the patients. Some could comfortably pay the bills
while some could not, and that suggested to me that, the first line of treatment is communication
skills. It does not only apply to the patient, but also to all people.

The first skill I got while working as a nurse was to define the perception of dignity and
its significance in relation to Mr. George, who was diagnosed with dementia. Dementia is a
condition of long life memory loss. Therefore, actions and support according to the code of
nurses required that Mr. George should be handled with a lot of respect to maintain his dignity.
From this experience, I realized that dignity is the act of upholding, promoting, and not
degrading one’s self-respect despite his/her current situation (Lam, 2013). This work experience
taught me a lot on how to handle extreme situations with no favoritism. In this case, I learnt that
all individuals’ dignity must be protected and respected in order to serve people equally in the
The hospital services were equal, but the people’s capabilities were not . The life of every
individual is very important to any human species that is humane in nature: helping those who
could not afford these services was my difficult task. The most haunting part was seeing Mary,
an elderly mother, dying because she could not afford a faster transport system to the hospital.
This situation forced me to inform the director of the hospital to provide mobile services to the
community. When mobile services became the order of the day, I realized my importance in the
community. From the hospital, I learnt the right of every individual, code of conducts, and
ethics; facts that furthered my knowledge and skills to dedicate my life to assisting the

Later, I worked as a residential support worker. This is a job with work description such
as looking after the mental and physical well-being of children and vulnerable old people. This is
a job that needs individuals who enjoy assisting people and making a difference in their lives. I
got on with people of different ages and backgrounds; I gained their trust by understanding their
well-being and not judging their attitudes. Therefore, by engaging with different characters,
attitudes, and ages, I am competent of working with everybody despite their situations. Working
as a residential support worker, I gained the confidence of assisting all kinds people when the
opportunity is given to me.
Finally, to continue my interest in community services, I have worked as a residential
support worker, but in this case, at the department of disability and home care. I developed
enough experience and skills to handle children who had no opportunity to call the words ‘dad’
or ‘mum’ because they are orphans. I gained the ability to keep them happy, a characteristic that
left me with bliss since I am able to dry the wet faces.
I admire to see people live a happy life, and that is why I have dedicated myself to
community-based jobs and courses. However, it is sandwiched with a lot of challenges and
difficulties. Working as an assistant nurse, I maintain that the hospitals rules cannot overcome
my passion for assisting the desperate and the poor. It is challenging to see people dying because
they cannot afford the drugs, yet these drugs are available in the hospital but governed by the
rule that they have to be bought. Working with the disabled is humiliating and tiresome. Most of
them need to be fed, carried, and clothed; hence, it requires people who have extra ordinary
“heart” to carry such commitments.

By committing to community services, I know I was given the utmost gift I will ever be
given: the gift of unfathomable experience. I am acquainted with the adversity that accompanies
any good in life and how to handle them. Learning and work experience taught me about love,
loyalty, and strength. Most importantly, learning gave me the opportunity to look through
people’s eyes, triggering empathy in me and a sense of responsibility to the world that I might
not have realized. With this experience and compassion comes an even great responsibility. Luke
12:48 says that “To whom much is given, of him will much be required.” As I move frontward in
my life with education, it is my desire and hope that I continue to see others from two vantage
positions: mine and theirs. By doing that, I will understand that with every emotion or position;
there is someone else standing at a similarly valid, yet probably in the opposite position, and that
life, for all of them, has a dissimilar hue.


Lam, R. (2013). Two Portfolio Systems: EFL Students’ Perceptions of Writing Ability, Text
Improvement, and Feedback. Assessing Writing, 18(2), 132-153

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