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Comments and constructive criticism

Comments and constructive criticism

The writer will have to read each of this post and react to them by commenting, analyzing and supporting
with relevant articles. The writer will have to read carefully before giving constructive comments on the
post. The writer should write a one paragraph of at least 150 words. APA and in text citation must be use
as each respond to the two post must have in text citations. The writer will have to use an article to
supports his comments in each of the article. Address the content of each post below in a one paragraph
each, analysis and evaluation of the topic, as well as the integration of relevant resources.


Comments and constructive criticism

Article 1

In the creation of a Doctoral Study Rubric, it is clearly evident that the students will
encounter some problems, one of them being the adequate number of participants for the study.
This results in errors in the research study being conducted among the various students.
Another problem that is likely to be realized is the replication of peer-reviewed articles since
most of the articles available are more likely to have a common problem. Cooperation with the
participants since it will account for the results of the study rubric. Utilization of the businesses
networking sites would also come in handy for compliance purposes. Effective communication
between the student and the rubric chair member would enhance rapport between the two
parties mentioned though it is not necessary for the student to receive advice from the chair
(Cotterall, 2011). It is, therefore, crucial for both parties to adhere to the guidelines outlined in
the rubric for data consistency and time management

Article 2
Some of the challenges highlighted are very critical in the results of the study rubric. The lack
of a good number of the peer-reviewed article is a major concern especially if it is older than
five years of the graduation year. The collection of interviewed data which focuses on
leadership and top management specifies that student has to manage to interview leaders and
senior managers, and this would be hard due to their limited and expensive time consumption.
The research may not necessarily be declined if taken to a place in the interviewer’s country
which has a culture that conducting an interview is some sort of investigation since He or she

has the option of changing his community to be interviewed. This therefore requires excellent
communication skills as outlined for a successful doctoral study. The right data collection is
also essential in the active participation of both parties and accurate results I the study rubric.



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Research & Development, 34(2), 229-241.

Cotterall, S. (2011). Identity and learner autonomy in doctoral study: International students’
experiences in an Australian university. Independent Language Learning: Building on
Experience, Seeking New Perspectives, 1, 57.

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