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Child Rights

In �The Raise� scenario, you were asked to construct arguments in favor of getting a raise.
Using the knowledge you gained from the �The Raise� scenario, pick something that you are
passionate about and create an argument, either inductive or deductive, to present your strongest
position on that issue. Present your argument in premise-conclusion form. View the following human

rights videos listed under this week�s required multimedia:
Gem Slaves: Tanzanite’s child labour – Part � 1

Why women count video clip collection: Southeast Asia, Pacific, Caribbean, Latin America
Children and human rights, part 1: Rights & wrongs � Human rights television
Child labor, part 1: Rights & wrongs � Human rights television

Focus your analysis on a specific contemporary human rights issue. You can use an issue from these
videos or use what you learn in these videos to address another specific issue that is of interest to you.



In 1989, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNHCR) was
founded to protect children’s rights. This convention has been one of the most widely ratified
treaty in the world. The treaty takes into account basic health and welfare, education, rights and
freedoms, and a child’s family surroundings (Dubbink & Van, 2011, Pg. 203). The episode Child
labour- Rights and Wrongs highlights the system of child labor and the movements that have
been established to counter it.
Rarely, children are subjected to one form of abuse at a time. For a long time, physical
abuse has been a standard element of domestic life in countries such as Australia. Currently,
incidences of domestic violence subjected on children or women have remained epidemic
proportions. Studies have indicated that quite a number of children have been bitten, kicked,
burned, scalded, or even attacked and threatened with a knife or gun by their caregivers (Epps,
2012, Pg. 76). Most of the parents or guardians that commit these forms of abuse are associated
with emotional impairment, drug and substance abuse or have a history of childhood abuse.
These children find it difficult to relate to their peers and adults around them. The threat
of violence at their place of residence makes them perpetually mistrustful and consistently
vigilant. They become aggressive in their attempt to determine and keep control of other
people’s behaviour. Continuous violence causes anxiety, depression, and low-self esteem to set
The good news is that community attitudes to child abuse are now changing for the
better. Some countries such as Australia have made the campaign against child abuse to be an
uphill task. It has failed to prevent violence against children and to commit to legislative reform.
It is, therefore, of great importance that countries recognize that children occupy a unique

position in the society; they hold the future of the community. Thus, they should be accorded
paramount care and protection.



Epps, G. (2012). Wrong and dangerous: Ten right-wing myths about our constitution. Lanham,
Md: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
Dubbink, W., & Van, L. L. (2011). European business ethics cases in context: The morality of
corporate decision making. Dordrecht [etc.: Springer. 203

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