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Charity fashion

Writing Appropriate Emails

To: Sylvia Greene

From: Chester Goings ( cgoings@financialsolutions.com )
Subject: No time off for Baby Charity, instead attend release of Planning Guide 5.0
Hi Sylvia Greene,
Thanks for all your hard work on that charity fashion show/luncheon event that you
would like to coordinate. I know that you can do a fantastic job coordinating the event just
like you have done in the past. I just wanted to let you know that we cannot give you time off
to work on that charity show/luncheon event because during that time, all Financial Solutions
employees would be needed when we will be releasing a new product.
At the moment, the firm is not able to make a significant contribution as it has done
previously. I am afraid that the company would not be able to let you work on the charity
fashion. We think highly of what you have done in the past for Newborn Hope Foundation.
While working with New Hope Foundation and together with others, you have been able to
raise a substantial amount of money to make a difference in the lives of young babies,
particularly babies who are born prematurely. This is really commendable and a great
accomplishment on your part. However, Financial Solutions needs you more than ever to be
here for an imminent event and no employee of this company is taking time off since
everybody would be required to attend and make a difference (Lamb, 2012; Terminello &
Reed, 2011).
With the upcoming release of the company’s Planning Guide 5.0 product, your
cooperation would be appreciated. There are quite a few tasks that we need you carry out to
ensure successful release of the product into the market. In particular, we would like you to

talk to customers and interview them. Furthermore, we would like you to make video
testimonials and search for stories with regard to customer successes, in addition to a number
of other tasks that would be assigned to you during this event.
Financial Solutions’ new website would be launched soon, only six weeks from today.
Therefore, it is important to ensure that all the contents of this website are actually in fine
form as soon as possible. The information that you will gather after interviewing clients,
making video testimonials, and searching for stories regarding customer successes would all
serve as content for this new website. For this reason, your role in the upcoming release of
the company’s Planning Guide 5.0 is very crucial. We believe that you can carry out these
tasks in an effective manner.
At the moment, the economy is bad and the company is not making as much revenue as it
used to previously when the economy was healthy. Moreover, the company does not really
have a large workforce. Therefore, it is important that all team members attend the release
event and make a difference. It is important to keep in mind that in case our Planning Guide
5.0 does not make a big splash in the market, then we will all have a lot of time off.
We hope you understand our position considering that Financial Solutions is the
global leader in on-demand fiscal reporting and planning software, in addition to the fact that
the company will be launching its most significant novel product yet very soon. When the
economy gets better and things improve, we would revert to our previous practices. However,
I am afraid not this time. We cannot afford to give you time off for the charity luncheon. If
you have any questions, feel free to ask.
Chester Goings



Lamb, S. E. (2012). How to Write It. A Complete Guide to Everything you’ll ever Write.
Berkeley, CA: Ten Speed Press.

Terminello, V., & Reed, M. G. (2011). Net Effect Series: E-mail Communicate Effectively.
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